• Jul 6, 2020

So, in your house appeared a puppy. And many owners ask a question: from what age it is possible to begin to train a puppy?

The Puppy Hides behind a Photo Tree
of the Photo: wikimedia.org

The correct answer to a question "At what age it is possible to begin to train puppy": in in what the puppy appeared in your house. Since that moment, as the kid crossed (or you transferred him) your threshold, and process begins education and training.

However, it is much more important than a question "from what age begin to train puppy" question "as it is correct to train a puppy". And here it is worth observing some rules.

  1. Puppy begin to train in playful way, without coercion use. And occupations come to an end before the puppy is tired and will start missing.
  2. Not repeat the same exercise more than 3 - 4 time in a row. Otherwise to a puppy quickly will bother to study.
  3. Not be sorry encouragement! Also use those awards which will please a puppy.
  4. Gradually increase complexity of a task.

The correct beginning of training of a puppy – pledge of what you will have excellent partner and loyal friend.

It is more how it is correct to bring up and train a puppy by humane methods, you can learn on our videocourse "Obedient Puppy without Efforts".

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