• Jul 8, 2020

Some owners experience difficulties to teach to give a dog on command toy or necessary to you, but thing, absolutely not useful to a dog, which the pet accidentally grabbed. How to teach a dog to teams "Take" and "Give"?

The White Dog Pulls a Toy Kanatik a Photo Close Up
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of 7 councils from Victoria Stilwell for training of a dog in teams and "Give"

  1. Involve a dog in a game, say "Dai" and allow to grab toy.
  2. Allow a dog to play some time with a toy.
  3. Take other toy so valuable to a dog (it is better if it there will be just the same toy).
  4. Draw attention of a dog to a toy in your hand, having made it more interesting to a canine friend.
  5. When a dog to release the first toy from teeth, say "Dai" and praise the pet.
  6. Tell "Take" and allow to grab the second toy.
  7. Continue to play so some time, "exchanging" a motionless toy in a mouth of a dog on "live" in your hands. Every time when the dog releases from to graze a toy, you say "Dai" and when seizes that that at you in hands – "Take".

Soon dog will learn that it is favorable to it to release from a mouth what there is on "Give" to team — it means that you for it have something more attractive!

Remember that it game, but not confrontation. You do not need to abuse a dog or to press on her. Play with the pet! Then the dog will not perceive the command "Give" as the risk to lose something valuable. Do not worry if in the beginning it is required to your canine friend some time to leave the subject which is in a mouth – with reaction to team "Dai" will be time more and more fast.

This game also is good prevention of such behavioural problem as protection resource. The pet understands that to share – it is healthy and favorable!

It is more how to bring up and train dogs by humane methods, you can learn, having used our videocourses.

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