• May 11, 2020

the Correct feeding of a puppy is extremely important, from it health and wellbeing of the pet in many respects depends. And many owners choose a natural forage for a puppy. What rules of feeding of a puppy natural forage?

The Puppy of a West Highland White Terrier Eats Photo Carrot
of the Photo: auggie.com

Puppies very intensively grow, so, they need a lot of energy. And it it is necessary to consider by drawing up a diet for feeding of a puppy natural forage. You can find norms of feeding in the Internet, however consider that norms are an average indicator, and your puppy is individual, and his requirements can differ from average.

To puppies the protein is extremely important. However if at natural feeding of a puppy feed with some meat, at the same time do not supplement a diet with mineral substances, in particulars, calcium, can arise problems with the musculoskeletal device.

The main source of energy when feeding a puppy a natural forage is a fat. As a source of fat vegetable oil (but not olive) and fish will approach fat.

Carbohydrates – an alternative energy source, however when feeding a puppy natural forage it is possible to do without them. Certainly, if at a puppy everything is good with digestion there is also no diarrhea.

When feeding a puppy a natural forage you should not forget that the puppy eats often and gradually. For example, in 2 months of a puppy feed 5 – 6 times a day, and in 4 month – at least 4 times.

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