• Apr 22, 2020

One of frequent complaints of owners – that as soon as opens the entrance door, dog rushes to it and either jumps out outside, or jumps on the entered person. How to teach a dog to remain on the place when the entrance door opens?

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of 8 steps to teach a dog to remain on the place when the door opens

  1. Stock up the favourite delicacy of a dog cut on small pieces (for large dogs the piece size – is no more than 5х5 mm). It is important that she really wanted it to earn.
  2. Teach dog "Remain" to remain in a certain place on command. For this purpose it is possible to use, for example, a rug or a certain site of a carpet. Very important to use a rug if at you a slippery floor is a safety issue of a dog. Entice a dog on the right place a delicacy piece, give the command "Remain!" and treat. Wait second and give still a piece. It is important that the dog remained on the place. At the same time it is unimportant, she sits or lies, it is important that to a dog was comfortably. If the dog tries to leave, return her on the same place, repeat team and, having waited for second, feed delicacy. Then time between delivery delicacies can be increased.
  3. Begin to complicate a task: give the command "Remain!", take a step a back forward (the person to a dog) towards a door, right there return and treat a dog. As only the dog will surely remain on the place if you take a step a back forward, it is possible to complicate a task: to increase quantity of steps, to turn to to dog back, etc.
  4. You remember, that it is possible to complicate a task only when the dog perfectly copes with previous stage. If the dog makes a mistake (for example, tries to follow for you or leaves), quietly return it into place and return on previous stage of working off of skill.
  5. Important to award a dog then when you come back to her that not to induce it to move a little.
  6. As only the dog quietly will remain on command on one place, you so far you reach a door and back, it is possible to complicate a task even more: to pull door the handle to turn the lock, to slightly open a door and to close it again, to leave the door of opened to go beyond a door and to knock, ring a doorbell, to involve assistants that they represented guests, etc. It is important to complicate for dogs a task consistently and gradually to move small steps.
  7. Trace condition of a dog, do not assume that she started missing or was tired. Better to finish occupation before bothers the pet. Also you remember that for irritable dogs this exercise very difficult so it will be required to them it is more than time to learn to control themselves.
  8. Surely use team which will let a dog know that she can be free (for example, "All!" or "OK"). Otherwise the dog will not know when she can go about the own business, and will absolutely fairly decide that occupation ended when she considered necessary.

Do not hurry! Give to a dog time to learn. It is better to spend time for training, than then (it is much more time!) on correction of behavior of a dog.

If you have several dogs, better to study team from each of them separately before practicing it with all at the same time.

If you do everything consistently and gradually, then be surprised how quickly the dog will learn to remain quiet when someone rings a door or comes on a visit.

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