• May 14, 2020

Each owner wants to have obedient pet. So, the lion's share of training of a puppy is directed to development obedience in the most different situations and conditions. As it is correct to organize training of a puppy: obedience?

The Puppy of a Pit Bull Terrier Sticks a Nose in a Photo Camera Lens
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Training of a puppy and obedience, as a rule, include the main teams, which allow to operate a dog as at home, and on the city street, in cafe, the park, among other dogs or during the travel. And, if occupations are under construction correctly, the instructor works with you more, but not with a puppy, and already then you are engaged with the pet.

What skills and teams is included by training of a puppy on obedience

Training of a puppy on obedience, as a rule, includes the following skills and teams:

  1. To to me.
  2. Nearby (or the movement on the sagged lead).
  3. To sit.
  4. To lie.
  5. To stand.
  6. Endurance.
  7. Forbidding teams (Faugh or It is impossible).

If training of a puppy on obedience takes place correctly, as a result you you receive a cheerful, active dog who with pleasure cooperates with you and with it is pleasant to them to deal. And you understand the pet much better and can to foresee its acts.

To train a dog on obedience, it is not obligatory to address the cynologist and to go on the training platform. You can train a puppy, for example, by means of online consultations or videocourses. It is important that the expert worked with humane methods.

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