• Dec 18, 2020

how communication is connected with animals and health (in a broad sense) teenagers from unsuccessful families.

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Participants of a research: 1219 teenagers from Switzerland. Age of "experimental" — 10 – 16 years, boys and girls approximately equally. 56% of teenagers (592) were owners of animals.

Time of communication with animals was considered (games with animals within a week, preceding carrying out research), personal characteristics of teenagers (age, sex, uneasiness level, etc.), a situation in family (family composition, amount of time which children spent with family members, economic and social situation and psychological climate) and also actually health of teenagers.

The research objective was to find out whether owners of animals differ from other teenagers.

As a result found out that owners of animals consider themselves more safe, at them it is better than the relation with other family members. However level at owners of animals from dysfunctional families it appeared uneasiness so high, as well as at the teenagers who did not have animals. Social and economic position of all families was approximately identical.

Alas though animals help teenagers to feel better, only they cannot give enough support to teenagers from dysfunctional families. The Longityudny (long-term) research showed that essential difference between what life was conducted by participants of an experiment further, did not depend on that, whether they had at teenage age pets.

Author: N.M. Bodmer, Institute of psychology, Bern university

The report is submitted at the 7th International conference on issues of interaction of people and animals "Animals, health and quality of life"

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