• Aug 26, 2020

for a dog. They did not specify incident details. But result terrible: the dog remained a disabled person forever. As if pleased under wheels of the car or fell from huge height to concrete slabs, or perhaps at all it was beaten by a heavy blunt object — will remain a secret forever. A dog it is mutilated.

His hinder legs are immobilized. At first doctors still tried to put the pet on legs, some reactions in extremities still remained. But efforts were vain. After numerous attempts physicians concluded: tests to put a bulldog deliver to paws to a dog of torture, painfully to look at it also to the people caring for it. Not to return former force to paws, process irreversible, the dog will not become on hinder legs. With this hopeless thought all lived some time, and then again cheered up.


Ведь how many pets remain disabled people forever, but from it they to continue to be same nice, kind, cheerful good friends. We do not doubt, as the Kid will become that when already at last itself gets used to this thought, so far he does not lose hopes to rise on paws. Did not reconcile to a verdict, tries, tries, but for nothing, from it he is angry with himself and with the world around. Asks a question: why it had this unhappy card? Can bite, snap or get nasty from disappointment. Not always, of course, and not on all the dog agressirut, but it happens. To him approach is necessary too, the pet endured not the most joyful moments in the life. Besides it is difficult for it to cope with need, without the aid of the person anywhere. The kid looks for the understanding and patient mothers and fathers.

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