• Dec 18, 2020

Most often get to a shelter animals who have similar destinies. Pets can even be kategorizovat. Is difficult on rise and the having least of all chances of a pristroystvo. These are, first of all, the age pets who grew up on the street. And also those who very long lived in family, but on some circumstances were thrown out on the street or fell a victim of cruelty.


Есть those who in unlimited generation were a homeless or were born from the thrown-out former domestic dogs became the rejected result of cultivation. Generally, those who were not lucky most of all. Because was not even not to learn chance from them what is good life. There was no chance to show the harmless good temper, mind, kindness and affection for the person.

Such unnecessary children feel the destiny to be strangled in a dark bag, drowned, attached and frozen tightly. Sometimes it is read in their fearful glance. They know that their century is short. But this girl became an exception.


Она the most ordinary little girl who got to this stir not voluntarily. Though is not present, nevertheless something unusual in it is. Her appearance! The four-months puppy is not similar at all to somebody whom you saw earlier. The perfect beauty shrouded in a gentle gray hair. A joy lump for those who want to save a puppy from a sad fate to become the frequenter of a shelter.


Девочка very clever, beautiful. Whether still will be! Will grow the stately beauty, cheerful, active, but to impetuous fun knows when to stop. Quiet and judicious with high intellectual data. It is that case when seven times measure and only once cuts. Generally, excellent set. To someone very much will carry with such pet, it would be lucky also this girl to appear in reliable hands. Michel looks for the house!

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