• Jan 5, 2021

of the Girl by the name of Marta some time was really loved. In own warm clean house, in the full-fledged loving family she did not know a grief, but something went wrong. What? What forced to reconsider views and is groundless to throw out the pet? Moreover, the girl was regularly beaten, raised on her the voice, in every possible way showed aggression and at the same time wanted that the pet after everything behaved as before.

But Marta did not begin to turn other cheek, became angry, began to respond with aggression to aggression. Also you know, here she can even be justified. How to be when scoff at you? To be protected in any way. So Marta also arrived then events began to be developed as if a snowball. People began to hate a dog, and the unwillingness to care for her compensated anger. Misunderstanding grew, expectations were not met. Owners did not think up anything better except how to bring together a dog, to bring her to the playground, to bind and throw there.


Зачем was made such act? That Marta was seen somewhat quicker by kids that children's heart clenched and began to persuade adults to take away a dog or that that died of cold and hunger – options a little, but this girl after all managed to survive. And when Marta, having appeared in a shelter, understood that nothing threatens its safety, aggression it vanished as if by magic.


Теперь she allows to approach, feed, care, cherish 100 vw by figcaption id="caption-attachment-30301" to herself, even cleans ears without drop of doubts. Marta had a full confidence and openness to the person. Biting she was from life dog, as they say. It is strictly forbidden to brand it. The girl it was quite compliant, understanding, tender. She was sterilized, trained in all that it is necessary to receive the treasured ticket in house life. Remained things are easy: to find the loving parents for this strange baby.

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