• Aug 27, 2020

Still absolutely a puppy, remotely similar on alaby, was noticed by eyewitnesses in one of the small towns of Russia. The puppy was in the terrifying state. Weigh exhausted, interrupted, exhausted, bitten by ticks and fleas he sat, hardly breathing. The dog by sight has no more than a year. It had a fracture of a paw and sharp dehydration. Nobody ventured to help, believing that to help there is nobody and there is no need. The puppy absolutely despaired, even to ask about the help of forces was not, but he was noticed. First of all after the message to a local shelter about the dying kid, the puppy was examined.

On his forepaw there was a serious old change. Someone who witnessed whether its clumsy movements, whether sadism in relation to it did not help a puppy. The trauma was started, and the bone grew together incorrectly, unevenly, unsightly, having brought to a puppy of a mutilation and intolerable pain. On skin there were most serious irritations, an itch, rash, baldness owing to numerous and regular attack of parasites. Nobody helped the kid, just ignored the little defenseless dying being, and then at all threw out on will that the puppy unambiguously itself could not survive. But he survived. And it is the girl. She was given a tender name of Lang, she really such.


Трепетная and sensitive baby, still very weak physically and morally. It only just very small and still is restored by uncertain steps. Ahead still treatment and rehabilitation are necessary. According to forecasts of doctors, the girl is waited by full X-ray, numerous operations on correction of an accrete change. It is impossible to hesitate, still curve bone brings to a puppy pain and the situation is only aggravated.


Но it does not frighten by figcaption id="caption-attachment-28265" either a dog, or her environment. Chances of its absolute recovery are, and they are very high. Nobody is going to lose hope for it, but already now we want to tell about it. The blond plush tender child does not realize yet as she was lucky to fall into hands of doctors, but still the best ahead when it finds family and the house. It surely happens, we are sure!

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