• Aug 21, 2020

the Baby by the name of Silva was torn cruelly to pieces in the face of own hostess. How did it occur? Fatal omission of the woman, inability to find a common language with animals and with people, owners, other dogs, indifference and cruelty to the native being? Otherwise it cannot be described. Your favourite little fragile and defenseless pet is broken off to pieces on your eyes, he whines, asks about mercy and for help, and you coolly watch it and do not even try to undertake something.

The decision not to run to save like mad the baby, and to give it on lulling to slip became apogee of cruelty of the woman. The reason — it is expensive and long to treat it, it is only a toy. Broke or broke — replaceable is. But doctors who got the torn to pieces dog so did not consider and decided to keep to the girl life. Silva was found with frightening wounds, on her literally there was no live place. All little body was bitten, in the fresh huge fragmentary bleeding wounds, the stomach suppurated, an eye is spoiled, in the subsequent it needed to be deleted.


К to the same found pancreatitis in a sharp form in the baby. Now to the girl appointed analyses, will soon perform necessary operations, opened the account for the help. Long and serious treatment, and then rehabilitation are necessary to a dog. We hope that already now there will be her future owners who, without doubts, should care strenuously for the baby and to preserve her. But all this will be justified her by fidelity, devotion, belief, kindness and caress of which she is really capable.

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