• Aug 27, 2020

the Old man by the name of Cupid saw a lot of things in the dog life. And it is not mere standard words in case we tell you about the sad fate of animals. History of this pet really difficult. To the old man it is already a lot of years, and each episode — a sad picture. For example, his childhood. Snow-white alaby or its hybrid took in family, themselves on joy, to children as senior companion. Did not get accustomed, it was not pleasant, did not approach by the size — threw out as the spoiled or worn-out thing.

It was necessary to go on the street. And on the street there were rules, the Cupid survived as was able. At first wandered alone, and then found the corner near the local enterprise. Sometimes workers felt sorry for him, talked to him, shared food. Sometimes he was met with fists both people, and relatives. To cupid notably got. And once he was hit at all by the car. The car interrupted to a dog of a paw. Cupid has old badly accrete changes, numerous grazes, scars, bruises, the beaten-out canines, the ear is torn off. Exhaustion, dehydration, bald spots is observed.


Амур as if was beaten by birches, smashed on asphalt and left on a roadside. As he managed to suffer from this excruciating pain and to survive — we still are perplexed. Nothing needs to be done, except as, figuratively and naturally speaking, to put a soft pillow under the old man's head that at least at the end of his way to decorate the old man's life. The private shelter where now there is an aged pet is also engaged in it. The shelter opened fund raising, treats, helps, cares, is sorry. Perhaps, the daredevil who will take away the Cupid to himself that the old man still could feel finally necessary and favourite will respond.

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