• Aug 31, 2020

When you play with a dog active games, it is important that it was not overexcited. The overexcited dog begins to be enough you for clothes or by hands, and then it is difficult to calm it. How to teach a dog to control itself in a game?

The Dog Plays with the Owner of a Photo
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First of all, it is necessary to be defined what behavior the dog has to show, that a game in principle began or continued. For example, it has to sit down and to wait for your signal. Simple rule: "game will take place, and it will be cheerful, but for this purpose you need to behave in paws" .

Do not demand first much. Remember that it is very difficult to dog to sit quietly and to hear the owner in a condition of excitement. So the complexity of exercise increases gradually.

At the beginning do a toy motionless while the dog has to show a sample self-checking. Then give the command by the beginning or continuation of a game and recover toy. Play some time, then exchange a toy for delicacy and repeat exercise.

Then it is possible to gradually begin to complicate a task for the pet. But all complications have to be gradual. Do not forget the rule of small steps.

It is more how it is correct to bring up and train a dog by humane methods, you can learn, having used our videocourses.

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