• Oct 19, 2020

the Enriched environment – one of components of wellbeing of a dog. A great way to enrich the circle of the pet – to offer it useful games and toys.

The Border Collie Catches a Ball in Photo Water
of the Photo: pxhere.com

What games and toys will help to create the enriched environment for a dog?

  1. Toys puzzles in which the dog gets delicacy. It can be both industrial toys, and made with own hands. Intellectual loading is very important for a dog, and such toys – a great way to induce the pet "to include a brain". Puzzles can be as simple (for beginners and shy dogs), and quite difficult (for advanced compulsive gamblers).
  2. Toys from which the dog licks delicacy (for example, конг with the frozen cottage cheese or paste).
  3. Search of the hidden things.
  4. Games with participation of the owner (for example, toys in which the person keeps one element and the dog pulls out from it another). It can pass into a game in banners , but you remember that a game in banners has to take place by rules about which we already wrote.
  5. Shaping – class at which the dog learns to guess that is wanted by the person in the principle of a game in "is hot – cold".

The grown poor environment – one of the main reasons for behavioural problems at dogs. And the correct games not only entertain a dog, but also in an amicable way tire, and develop useful skills. You should not miss such opportunity to diversify life of the pet and to provide him pleasant pastime.

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