• Oct 12, 2020

with a dog in banners. It is a useful and cheerful game. However not each owner knows how it is correct to play banners with a dog. What main mistakes we make in to game with a dog in banners and how to avoid these mistakes?

The Poodle Plays Banners with the Person of a Photo
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The trainer of Polona Bonac calls 5 main mistakes of owners at a game in banners also offers ways of their decision

of 5 mistakes in a game in banners with a dog and ways of their decision

  1. Wrong choice of a toy. Often owners choose too firm, small toys or made of the material unpleasant for a mouth of a dog. The correct toys will be soft, elastic and rather big that the dog could be enough them, without being afraid of unpleasant feelings and without risking to grasp you by a hand. Besides, rather big toy will not force you to hang over a dog (but not each pet will sustain such pressure).
  2. Too long finding of a dog on weight. It does not give to your canine friend of control over a situation, so, not too pleasantly. You can fall by the level of a dog (for example, to sit down). Or, if you lift her so that paws come off the earth then again give it the firm soil under legs.
  3. The toy itself jumps in a mouth of a dog. The rabbit in the nature does not possess suicide intentions and does not wait for a predator to jump to it in a mouth! And it is not painfully interesting to a dog. It is important to begin a game at distance (let and small) and to provoke a pursuit of "production".
  4. The person does not give to a dog the chance to control a game. Especially from it supporters " domination " which are convinced that any victory of a dog in a game right there will put it on the highest step in family hierarchy suffer. It's not true. Support tension, but you do not press constantly on a dog, allow it to win. You put pressure, remove it, and the canine friend receives control over a situation. Increase in pressure means that you stare at a dog, tighten her to yourself, bend over her, shake a toy, touch the dog. However consider that different dogs have different sensitivity so you do not press excessively. Removal of pressure means a look aside, gradual deflation of a toy from hands and also an opportunity for a dog to approach the owner sideways or from a back.
  5. The end of a game means collecting at a dog of a toy by force (a raising highly up, attempts to unclench a mouth, exchange for insufficiently valuable delicacy, etc.). It is much better to exchange, for example, a toy for food, but so that this exchange was pleasant for a dog – that is "to disperse" by means of the Kysh-kysh team — and to take away a toy when the pet does not see. One more good option – to offer other toy on exchange.

It is more how to bring up and train a dog by humane methods, you can learn, having used videocourses.

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