• Aug 26, 2020

Some owners tell that their pets with interest watch the events in the TV, others say that dogs do not react to "the speaking box" in any way. What dogs see in the TV and why some pets are fond of telecasts, and others remain indifferent?

The Dog Watches Photo TV
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

What telecasts are preferred by dogs?

Scientists from the university of the Central Lancashire conducted a research and proved that those dogs who nevertheless watch TV prefer to observe for relatives. Dogs who growl were of particular interest, bark or whine.

Also the attention of animals was drawn by plots with participation of toys-pishchalok.

However some dogs do not react to the TV at all. Also there is a version, that it depends not on features of a dog, and on technical characteristics TV.

What dogs can see in the TV?

For anybody not a secret that dogs see the world differently, than we. Including differ our and dog speed of perception of the image.

That we perceived the image on the screen, we have enough frequency 45 – 50 hertz. But dogs need at least 70 - 80 hertz to understand that occurs on the screen. But the frequency of blinking of old models of TVs is about 50 hertz. So many dogs whose owners did not replace the equipment on more modern, just physically cannot be understood that show on TV. So, and interest is not shown. Moreover, them such image irritates, prevents to concentrate.

And here modern TVs have the frequency of 100 hertz. And in this case the dog is quite capable to enjoy the telecast.

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