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Many owners noticed that their dogs – the presents the slimes ready with pleasure to carry language on a human face, to lick hands or legs to lick the nose or lips. Why dogs are licked?

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Sometimes people attribute desire of a dog to lick the owner of unearthly love, and licking own body – neatness. Whether so it?

Actually, all not absolutely so.

Why the dog licks the person?

Some dogs like to lick there are no people, others –. And that, how exactly the dog does it, can prompt reason.

If to a dog allow to lick the owner, she can lick also other people. If owner not encourages similar behavior, the dog most often stops doing it.

But many people not can live without "kisses" with a dog. And in this case, when the dog is licked, they rejoice, smile or laugh. The dog perceives it as a positive reinforcement. So, such behavior will be shown even more often.

Why the dog licks a human face?

It is precisely unknown, why dogs so like to lick the faces of people. But to make some assumptions it is possible.

If you observe suky and puppies, then will see that they often lick each other. It is interesting that than more mother licks cubs, especially steady against influence stressful factors they become. That is such dogs grow happier. There is an opinion that similar interaction reduces the level of hormones of a stress in a puppy organism.

Besides, puppies, licking corners of a mouth of mother and other adult individuals, try to obtain that adult relatives otrygivat to them food. That is they thus beg. And, it is possible when your dog licks you in a face, she just asks to eat?

Why the dog licks the owner's legs?

Dogs study the world in many respects by means of sense of smell. From the biological point of view of a leg – the "most tasty" part of a body of the person, most of all smells are concentrated there.

Besides, when we we wear socks, panty hoses and footwear, we maintain a certain temperature and humidity, promoting thus reproduction of bacteria. And it in turn strengthens a smell.

So is not necessary to be surprised to the fact that the dog licks your legs.

Why the dog licks air?

As already it was mentioned, dogs explore the world by means of smells. And smells are connected with taste. But hardly the dog licks air "to try" it.

Most likely, it the behavior is connected with a stress. For example, the dog is under pressure with yours the parties or something it is frightened.

Pay attention, in what situations the dog licks air. What occurs at this time? Someone touches to it? Someone came to the house? Did you approach its bowl? Someone approached its toys? Nearby children play?

It is very important to pay attention to triggers and also to watch language of a body of a dog which can testify about too a stress .

Why the dog licks the nose?

As well as in previous case, it can indicate that the dog has a stress. It is very important to understand the reason of a stress and to eliminate it.

Some actions of owners recommended by supporters "to the theory domination ", can cause a stress in a dog.

For example, collecting at a dog of food or toys does not say that you "the leader of pack". It only undermines confidence to you.

If you feed dog, give her the chance to eat quietly. It does not climb paws in yours plate!

To finish game without blood, train a dog in the corresponding team. And a toy it is possible to exchange for something pleasant.

If your children constantly exasperate a dog, save her: provide the reliable shelter.

Convenient own the place – anyway need for a dog and also an important condition decrease in level of a stress. You watch that in this place nobody disturbed a dog. It has to have an opportunity to take cover freely there when tests such requirement.

Why the dog licks the owner's hands?

Some owners for certain will answer: it something like a kiss. However such explanation not absolutely truly.

Possibly, on yours hands the smell of "goodies" which you used at dinner remained. And even if you do not feel this aroma, the dog perfectly feels, her sense of smell much more sharply than ours.

So even if you washed hands after a lunch, the dog is all the same capable to learn to what you touched.

Besides you could to touch door handles, buttons in the elevator, took money in hand … And who knows who else concerned them before you and what smell left.

So not it is surprising that your hands – an excellent source of new smells. And your dog not will miss chance to get acquainted with them.

Why the dog licks furniture?

If your dog licks furniture, perhaps, on it just there were parts of a flavor of food. And from outside dogs it something like "pomoynichestvo".

However reason can be not so harmless.

Sometimes that the dog licks furniture – one more symptom of the stress endured by it. Alas, but intensive licking can be sign of alarm. And as licking calms a dog, she can try to master unpleasant thus experience.

Other signs alarms: attempt to hide, heavy breath, concern, behavior avoiding, pools and heaps of the house, trembling, damage of things.

If you you suspect that your dog is alarmed, it is worth finding the reason and to eliminate it.

Why dogs lick wounds?

Often dogs lick wounds as the, and strangers.

In dog saliva substances which help to clean wounds from infections contain. Also it in the way the dog can delete foreign debris from a wound. Besides, licking promotes emission in blood of the hormones helping to reduce pain.

However it not really well. Dog saliva contains also bacteria which not too help safe healing of wounds. Therefore if the dog was wounded, better nevertheless to treat damages by means of medications, but not to count on "the salutary force of saliva".

Why dogs lick the lips?

If dog licks the lips when you touch some part of her body, it occasion to address the veterinarian.

Also the dog can to lick lips when has a stress. As well as yawning, head top, paw raising, concern, the put tail between the legs and attempts to hide, licking lips – very widespread symptom of a stress at a dog.

Normally, if the dog licks lips after a meal or drink. But if licking is not connected with food, it is sign of trouble.

In this case, possibly, you should reconsider relationship of a dog with people and relatives.

Many dogs lick lips when they feel discomfort in the presence of the person or a dog. They will not bark or growl. But if the signal of discomfort is ignored, to such dogs, unfortunately, it is necessary to be more "intelligible" next time. You do not lead up the pet.

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