• Aug 24, 2020

Sometimes owners, walking with a dog, reel up the lead suits. However it is very big mistake. Why it is impossible to reel up the lead suits?

The English Setter a Dog Pulls a Photo Lead
of the Photo: flickr.com

The matter is that it is banal dangerously. Especially if on other end of a lead dog not of the really small sizes.

There can be anything. A dog – the living being, therefore any, even the most well-mannered and trained dog at some point can pull lead. And if she makes it when the lead is reeled up on a hand, it it is fraught with injuries. And it will not save a dog from anything all the same.

What injuries are possible if to reel up a lead on a hand? The most different, beginning from the ripped skin and finishing with dislocations. Besides, you can fall, and, if falling becomes unsuccessful, business can turn back even worse.

It is not necessary to reel up a lead on a hand. Just you hold it with one hand (the next to a dog) and collect in an accordion in another.

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