How to persuade the husband to get a dog. Stories of readers
of Reminiscence of a canine friend and colleague
In a shelter deced to lull a cat, but there was a miracle!
It quietly died away on the backyard of a shelter. D not pull out the happy ticket yet!
In prison the innocent guy sentenced to 38 years brought up a puppy, and here they were released!
it was found tortured and sad. But in an hour the cat d not recognize himself!
Fluffy free rer!:) In the St. Petersburg electric train all day the mysterious cat managed!
Rescue of a young fox from a fur farm!
the Lonely pony moved off in searches of the new house
10 years ago the man agreed to look after a cat. Since then the pet d not come back home
Nicki — what destiny waits for this circus dog
Before lulling to slip remained three weeks.
"At once at it from eyes swept tears!" The man brought a cat and demanded to lull!
In kind hands happiness in a speck the Curl
"Let's not drown, but also we will not feed!" People came to manufacturers for handsome, but accentally saw him
the Dog was so started that a look asked about death.
"Do not cry, I am with you!" The unique cat saved the same surprising boy!
the boy Thrown by parents sings to a homeless doggie a lullaby — and the world fades!
the Doggie was handed over to the nurse, and then "forgotten" to be taken away! Soon the chikhuashka was deced to lull
Grandmothers decay alive in the apartment because of love to cats
of Doris was only 4 days old when it was thrown out! Admire what beautiful sheep-dog it became!
"And that that cat? Massage of heart, urgently!"
the Thoroughbred Abyssinian was thrown in the car for a week!
the Dog was tied to a tree with a package of a forage and an important note!
"I put it to myself on shoulders and incurred through the wood …" The Guy found in a stream of a blind old Labrador!
What for a package lies on the road? People gasped, having recognized in "garbage" a dog
Now she lives in Thailand, but once she was stopped dying because of the started disease
Behind an iron door heard crying to pull out a kitten, it was necessary to resort to cunning!