• Nov 17, 2018

Before answering the matter, we will understand why cats cannot give the usual food intended for the person. The answer is very simple: usual food contains substances which promote manifestation of different allergic reactions. If to trust veterinarians, then the organism of cat's is not capable to digest salty, fried, sweet and also marinated. And if not to adhere to the given advice, then shortly at your favourite pet big problems with a stomach will begin.

As It Is Correct to Feed a Cat

The most sold, so and the most popular food for cats ready-made feeds at the moment are. One part of experts considers that all useful vitamins and substances are a part of ready-made feeds. And other part assures that the similar product will bring some sores for the cat family. By the way, it should be taken into account employment of the owner. If you constantly are at work, then it is easier to buy ready-made feeds. But do not mix ready-made feeds with natural products at all. Otherwise you will just break balance of useful vitamins.


of sterns will be suitable for your pet?

First of all pay attention to the price tag of a forage. The good product will not cost fifty rubles, its price will be at least two hundred rubles. Strangely enough, but an offal therefore owners should not be surprised to each new campaign to the veterinarian are used for cheap fodder only. Also, cheap forages are rich with amplifiers of tastes, and similar "additives" will obviously not be pleasant to your favourite.

As It Is Correct to Feed a Cat

As for natural products, it is desirable to give to cats beef or chicken. But the most healthy food for animals of the cat family is fish. Surprisingly, but cats love grain so it is possible to add buckwheat or rice to their diet. You should not forget about useful properties of cottage cheese. It contains calcium which promotes strengthening of skeletal system of cats. And before giving the to the pet this product, pay attention to fat content percent.

the Most suitable percent of fat content for cats – 9% and less. Also such products as kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, cucumbers and cabbage are useful to cats.

As It Is Correct to Feed a Cat

There are no doubts that all above-mentioned products are vitamin-rich. But you should not forget about vitamins B a clean look. Especially vitamins are useful fall and in the spring as during this period the immune system weakens and demands additional support.

As It Is Correct to Feed a Cat

You watch over health of your pet from the very first day of stay of his house.

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