• Aug 21, 2019

Specialists of the company Athena study more than 15 years the market of ready food for cats and dogs not only in Russia, but also around the world.

Today we will tell about a new brand of ready dog food and cats — of Banters which is manufactured in Spain at the Visan plant. These are the classical diets strengthened due to quality of ingredients and opportunities of modern production.

Dry feeds of Banters for dogs

For dogs experts of Visan developed a line of forages Banters including ten recipes : rub for puppies and seven for adults. Diets consider features of age and the size and also special requirements the dogs inclined to the excess weight and problems with digestion:

  • additional EPA and DHA for development of a brain of the growing-up puppies
  • hondroprotektor for the normal growth and support of joints throughout all life
  • L – a carnitine for weight control and support of muscle bulk
  • An omega-3 and the Omega-6 fatty acids for the healthy and shining wool
  • attractive taste at the expense of fresh meat in structure

Dry feeds of Banters for cats

Having received the most positive comments of owners on the Banters dog food, the producer decided to expand the range at the expense of a special ruler for cats.

At the moment in a line for cats of all two products : Adult c a turkey and Sterilized with fish. Both of them are suitable for cats with sensitive digestion and have high flavoring appeal even for fastidious persons.

In the nearest future three types of a forage , including for kittens are planned in production still of .

In detail to study structure and to buy dog food and cats of Banters you can on the official website of the company Athena .

As make Banters

All forages of Banters are manufactured in Spain at the Visan plant. It is the family company founded in 1928. Ready food for cats and dogs of Visan makes from 1993rd year. The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment in Europe, the dvukhshnekovy extruder which allows to make granules not only of dehydrogenated, but also from fresh meat for improvement of taste without use of artificial additives is used by .

Standards of production of Banters:

  • European quality standards and safety
  • technology of direct addition of fresh meat in granules
  • all ingredients which are used at the enterprise, category "Human Grade"
  • without GMO, dyes, amplifiers of taste and preservatives

Of what make Banters

Recipes of Banters for 100% natural, are made by veterinarians experts and combine all necessary elements of a good diet:

  • meat is ingredient No. 1 , the main of a protein source
  • FOS and MOS prebiotics for maintenance of useful microflora and natural immunity
  • natural cellulose for digestion simplification
  • oil of a salmon and chicken fat as sources of fatty acids, irreplaceable for predators
  • natural vitamin and mineral complex
  • a yucca and other functional ingredients for optimization of processes of digestion and a metabolism

They for us a part of the life, and we for them – the whole life …

Qualitative healthy nutrition – a basis of long and healthy life. Choose the best products for the favourites to make their life of full joy and positive emotions. The correct natural diets of Banters will help you to prolong active longevity and magnificent health of a favourite dog.

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