• Sep 18, 2019
the Procedure of feeding of animals, at first sight, does not present to

anything difficult. However, around it there is a set of myths and ambiguities. One of frequently asked questions is: whether it is possible to mix a dry and damp feed in one bowl? Let's understand this question and we will give on it the answer.

Whether It Is Possible to Mix Damp and Dry Feeds in One Cat's Bowl

In what advantage of the mixed diet

There are certain pluses in feeding of an animal dry and damp feeds at the same time:

  • maintains optimum water balance in an animal organism;
  • enriches with proteins, fats and other necessary and useful elements;
  • supports a congenital instinct of search of various components of food;
  • reduces risk of neophobia;
  • fully satisfies requirements of an organism and behavioural features which are connected with food;
  • has preventive effect against an urolithic disease as damp forages reduce amount of the consumed liquid;
  • the dry feed has preventive effect against mouth diseases, for example, of periodontosis;
  • the qualitative diet increases growth of useful microflora that will prevent digestive tract diseases;
  • prevents formation of excess weight at an animal.

At the organization of the mixed food allowance of cats and dogs it is necessary to use quality forages. The products a premium and a super premium class concern them.

As is correct to mix a dry and damp feed

Before starting transfer of an animal to the mixed diet, it is necessary to decide on the brand of a forage and with the volumes necessary for your pet for one feeding.

Also it is worth understanding that inadmissibly to mix two types of a forage in one bowl at once. It is better to alternate them for different feedings and on it there are certain reasons.

First, by means of alternation you will be able to define how many it is necessary to give this or that product and how many your pet eats.

The second and very important reason – you will be able to define what product gave undesirable reaction of an organism if such is.

Thirdly, the dry and damp feed quickly loses the tastes and spoils. And the food mixed in one bowl will become unsuitable even quicker. As a result the animal can refuse its use and everything should be thrown out.

The following what it is necessary to pay attention to is a breakdown of a forage on separate feedings. There are also certain rules and recommendations.

First of all everything depends on what animal at you: cat or dog. Let's consider how it is correct to break food to cats and dogs.

Cats on average need to be fed four times a day. At four times feeding it is necessary to alternate forages thus:

  • morning and evening – a damp forage;
  • day and night – dry.

Dogs need two times feeding. There are two options of separate feeding:

  • in the morning and to give a dry and damp feed in the evening, at the same time damp it is necessary to give after the dog ate all damp product;
  • to give only a dry feed in the morning, and in the evening only damp.

Experts recommend to accustom animals to the mixed diet from first months of life. It is the best of all to stop the choice on sterns of one producer, they are better combined among themselves and easier acquired.

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