• May 14, 2020

the Dry feed of BugsforPets Crunchy for dogs.

Presently allergic reactions at dogs — very widespread phenomenon, and allergens tests are less informative. Owners should spend time, efforts and means, trying to help and correct a diet to the dog.

Certainly, besides the balanced and correctly picked up food, both the recommendations of the veterinarian, and high-quality walks, and occupations, and positive education are important.

Nevertheless, healthy nutrition — a basis and the first step on the way to long and joyful life of the healthy pet!

What most often causes disorders of digestion and allergic reactions?

Existence of several sources of animal protein, cereals and gluten — the reason of disorders of digestion and development of food intolerance.

A few years ago in the Netherlands developed a useful nutritious forage and for for our favourite dogs on the basis of vysokousvoyaemy and valuable protein.

the Dry feed of BugsforPets Crunchy for dogs on the basis of protein, which source – the larvae of a fly a black lvinka which are grown up on specialized эко - farms!

Also they eat beet substrate.

Now production of forages from larvae of a fly a black lvinka is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Aministration)

Of what make a dry feed of BugsforPets Crunchy for dogs?

For dogs are a part of a dry feed of BugsforPets Crunchy:
• Dried insects – larvae of a fly a black lvinka (HERMETIA ILLUCENS).
• Dried potatoes, peas, potato starch, sweet potatoes — sources of carbohydrates.
• The hydrolyzed chicken fat.
• Dried fruits of a carob tree — a vitamin A source, E, groups B, calcium, potassium, copper, sodium, zinc, manganese, magnesium and also cellulose.
• A linen seed — a source of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, vitamins of group B and an omega-6 of fatty acids.
• Beer yeast is sources of vitamins of the
group B • Salmon oil — a source an omega-3 of fatty acids.
• Inulin — for maintenance of health of intestinal microflora.
• Dried carrots, a nettle, эхинацея, dried tomatoes, apples, mango, plums, bananas, a thyme, a basil, a spirulina, a cranberry, a celery – a source of vitamins and minerals.
• The yucca is a natural product which suppresses a strong smell of excrement.

Why should choosing by

a dry feed of BugsforPets Crunchy for dogs?

the Dry feed of BugsforPets Crunchy for dogs has a number of advantages and indisputable advantages.

1. Protein on the basis of larvae of insects is easily acquired and is suitable including for dogs with sensitive digestion and allergic reactions.

2. Content of fruit, vegetables and herbs promotes healthy digestion.

3. Components of a forage provide excellent condition of leather and wool.

4. The forage does not contain grain gluten, fragrances and chemical dyes.

5. The dry feed of BugsforPets Crunchy for dogs has remarkable tastes and very much it is pleasant to pets and gains trust of owners.

It is possible to order a high-quality forage which is manufactured in the Netherlands on website entomakorm.ru

Detailed structure of a forage:

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