• Dec 6, 2018

Not all people who get a pet, know how to feed a monthly kitten. The best food for an animal at this age — maternal milk. It contains everything that is required for full development of the growing organism. But in some situations to leave the kid with a cat there is no opportunity, and the owner should bring up the favourite independently.

How to Feed a Monthly Kitten

What to feed with

a kitten

Even the pet who was left without mother at such early age at competent leaving can become a healthy cat. To accustom an animal to eat independently, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

What to Feed a Kitten with

  1. It is possible to feed the monthly kittens who are torn off from a cat with the goat milk half diluted with warm boiled water. Also the special dry mixes which are on sale in pet-shops will approach.
  2. It is necessary to enter into a diet of an animal gradually sour-milk products, for example, kefir or low-fat sour cream without additives.
  3. It is possible to cook on goat milk dense, well razvarenny porridge from rice or semolina.
  4. The yolks of eggs mixed with low-fat cottage cheese are useful to formation of bones. The kitten can give such mix time in 3 days.
  5. It is necessary to boil meat, to crush by means of the meat grinder or the blender and to place back in broth. There it is necessary to add the vegetables turned into puree. It is possible to feed with such soup without spices and salt a kitten of times a week.
  6. Gradually the ordinary boiled crushed meat of a rabbit, chicken or beef is entered into a diet. Baby meat mash from jars will approach.
  7. The kid can give sea fish provided that her pulp is separated from bones.

of Feature of bringing up

It is convenient to kid to give food by means of special adaptation. At its absence it is possible to use the syringe without needle. The monthly kitten has to eat 5−6 times a day. In the afternoon the period between feedings should not be more than 4 hours. In order that without stress to accustom an animal to new food, needs to use such receptions:

Features of Bringing Up of a Monthly Kitten

  1. Before beginning to feed the pet with new food, it is necessary to dunk into it a finger and to allow to lick to a kitten. If the kid turns away, it is possible to smear a little his muzzle with food that he tried a product.
  2. The kitten is quickly accustomed to pinch independently a feeding up from a plate. That the favourite did not fall in a bowl with food and did not choke, it is better to use superficial capacity and to watch closely an animal during a meal. It is not necessary to impose a lot of forage for once, it has to cover a bowl bottom only.
  3. Near a bowl with food of a debt to be the plate filled with clear water which needs to be replaced with fresh regularly.
  4. When the kitten will be sated, the bowl with leftovers needs to be removed that it did not become a nursery of microbes.
  5. It is not necessary to enter several new products in one day. It will allow to find out at once on what food at the pet an allergy.

The cat not only feeds cubs with milk, but also does them massage for the best digestion of food. That it was easier for kittens to empty intestines, it is necessary in 20 minutes after a meal to stroke them a tummy a finger within 1−2 minutes.

When feeding by natural food the kitten can lack for vitamins. Only special additives developed for little kittens aged from 6 weeks are suitable for kids. Most often cubs are given the cod-liver oil rich with irreplaceable fatty acids. Before application it is necessary to study attentively the instruction to medicine. To inadmissibly use several vitamin supplements with similar structure at the same time and to exceed the recommended dosage.

the Forbidden products

There is a food capable to do to health of a kitten harm. Treat it:

The Forbidden Products for a Monthly Kitten

  1. Sweet and flour . Animals can show interest in chocolate and milk desserts, but such delicacies are dangerous to their cardiovascular system.
  2. Cheese and butter . It is impossible to feed a one-month kitten with fermented milk products with the high content of fat.
  3. of the Bone . Splinters of bones can wound a gullet even of adult pets.
  4. Bean . Green peas and haricot cause discomfort and an abdominal distension in kittens. Can result potatoes in the same effect.
  5. Baranin's , pork and river fish are capable to lead to infection with parasites or developing of infectious diseases.
  6. Ready forages of economy class . Such products are made from the waste which remained when processing meat and an offal, harmful to cubs. Besides, the amplifiers of taste who are their part and fragrances irritate mucous digestive tract and cause accustoming.

Ready forages for cubs

There are various opinions on the fact that it is better — the natural products or special forages having the balanced structure. Ready mixes manufacturers choose for two reasons:

  • there is no need to spend time and forces on cooking;
  • the stern already contains optimum amount of vitamins and minerals.

Ready kitten food

It is impossible to mix two types of food. Even if ready mix reached a limit, it is not necessary to transfer the kid to natural food sharply. It can cause problems with digestive tract.

Each producer uses various recipes and technologies by production of food for kittens. Mixing of products of different brands can lead to a surplus of some nutrients and a lack of others.

It is possible to use only premium forages, холистик or a superpremium. In this case the owner can be sure that his pet receives all elements, necessary for full development. Until at the kid strong teeth grow, dry granules should be filled in with a pure small amount for swelling. To give to the kitten eating the granulated food, mineral additives it is not necessary.

Food of thoroughbred cats

At bringing up of cubs of a certain breed there are nuances. For example, the thickset British need to be provided with enough protein. In a diet of such kittens there have to be not less than 65% of meat and 25−30% of vegetables.

Food of Thoroughbred Cats

In order that at skottish-strayt and Scottish Folds dense, brilliant wool grew, they need to be fed at least 6 times a day. At food of a monthly kitten natural products manufacturers recommend to give to cubs multicereal porridge, a turkey, beef and quail eggs. High-calorie products allow active pets not to hunger.

Kittens of Maine Coons by three months can grow to the sizes of an ordinary cat. It is possible to bring up them the ready-made feeds soaked in water. At the same time it is necessary to be guided by the norm on weight specified on packing.

In order that the pet grew up healthy, it is important to know how it is correct to feed a monthly kitten. In this case the animal will keep activity and will not suffer from problems with digestion.

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