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At first let's understand that people call "naturalka" for dogs. You should not substitute concepts, for some reason mean porridges with broths by "naturalka", the scraps and pieces of meat welded and filled with something. And natural food for a dog is first of all the balanced diet based on meat products and an offal (crude or boiled), with addition of vegetable food (crude or boiled) and also with insignificant addition of bran of cereal cultures as additive.

At natural food is indisputable advantages, but only in case the dog receives enough proteins, fats, carbohydrates and also all necessary vitamins and minerals. This time and desire for preparation and miscalculation of a diet.
What meat and offal it is the best of all for

to include in a diet of a dog?

A basis for a diet of a dog is low-fat beef. It is undesirable to give cutting and other types of high-quality meat and also pork. Feeding is allowed by high-calorific mutton and rabbit flesh. Chicken, a turkey and their offal can also be given. If you decided to give meat in the raw, it has to be previously exposed to frost. It is not necessary to crush to a condition of forcemeat, just it is better to cut in cubes. Do not take streaks, cartilages and a film from meat.

an offal can enter Into structure of a meat diet, completely replacing with themselves meat. Traditionally they are estimated below, but each body has pluses (and minuses). For example, an udder – very high-calorie product, and heart – a proteinaceous product, a source of copper and magnesium.

The special attention is deserved by the raw unpeeled beef hem. From it it is possible to begin to enter meat into a diet, gradually then adding beef.

Pay attention to a liver and lungs: they should not be present at a diet often.

Do not throw out a bone – a source of calcium and phosphorus, and leave for a dog with well developed tooth device and which have no problems with digestive tract. To large dogs raise the ends (epiphyses) of bones, small can give chicken spongy crude bones: brisket, neck.

it is important

, the bone can be given only in the raw! Boiled bones lead to obstruction of intestines, and it is worse than that, to traumatism!

And how a food variety, comprehensibility various micro macro - nutrients?

Dogs can give sea and also the ocean exposed to frost or boiled fish 2-3 times a week. Fillet has to be low-fat, cleaned from bones.

The puppy, and an adult dog can also put chicken and quail eggs in a bowl both. But no more than 1-2 times a week. You do not hurry to throw out a shell from quail eggs. It contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur. Therefore it is possible to leave for food to a dog. It will positively affect a condition of wool and durability of bones.

 food for animals, natural food for animals, a diet of animals, a naturalka

Vegetables are excellent addition to a diet. They can be present as at mono-option (it can be quite enough. Exception: cucumbers and potatoes!), and in the full variety: carrots, beet, paprika, vegetable marrows, cucumbers, beet, pumpkin, parsley, nettle, fennel, seaweed and lettuce leaves. They move crude. For the best comprehensibility it is possible to crush, cut previously, or to rub in pyureobrazny weight. As delicacy you can offer the pet unsweetened fruit. Sweet and exotic it is undesirable to add to a diet. In general, sweet affects a gastrointestinal tract of a dog negatively. Therefore from fruit preferably green sour apple.

As a source of crude cellulose it is possible to use bran. This food component — replacement with that to vegetables which are not acquired in an animal organism. Only you remember that chop off it is necessary to give in very small quantity (1-2 tsps), and pay attention that they were unsalted.

Oils in a diet of dogs

Different types of oils (olive, sunflower nerafinrovanny, pumpkin, linen) also excellent component in a diet. Oil helps to pass to food on intestines, softening a chair. Quantity: several drops – a tablespoon.

Actually porridges in a diet can cause violation in carnivorous mikloflor of intestines and resistance of an organism to influence of various infections, parasites, etc. Dogs need other types of carbohydrates which contain in vegetables and bran.

If your pet likes fermented milk products, then do not refuse to him pleasure. A small amount of cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt or kefir will not affect a condition of a GIT.

A variety of food for animals is not as relevant, as for people. Therefore to try "to enclose" in a bowl all amount of necessary nutrients does not follow. And also to measure everything to milligrams. It is not necessary to treat with excessive sensitivity a diet, to be better attentive to the pet.

do not forget to pay attention to reaction from an organism and individual preferences of the pet.

Not all equally react to this or that food component therefore at insignificant signs of intolerance – it needs to be excluded from a diet. If on the contrary, the animal strongly "hunts" for any product, listen to his desire.

Choosing natural food for the dog, first of all it is necessary to answer the following questions:
1. Whether natural food for health reasons suits a specific dog (consult to the expert).
2. Whether the pet will receive all necessary vital nutrients.
3. Whether natural and individual needs of a dog will be considered. by
the Choice always for you, make correct!

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