• Aug 21, 2019

It is very important not correct to choose a dry feed for the pet, but also to store it in the corresponding conditions. Dry feeds spoil too, and in this case the forage not only loses the properties, but also constitutes health hazard of an animal. How it is correct to store a dry feed for animals?

Puppies of a Golden Retriever Eat a Dry Feed of a Photo

Photo: maxpixel.net

  1. Observe an expiration date of a dry feed.
  2. you Keep a forage in the closed packing.
  3. If you buy a dry feed by weight, pour it into a plastic can with a dense cover.
  4. If you bought a big bag of a forage, it is better to pour out a small amount not to open every time all bag.
  5. you do not store a dry feed near heating devices or in the sun.
  6. do not put sterns in the refrigerator and other cold place, do not allow it to freeze.
  7. do not leave the wetted dry feed for a long time – it will turn sour.

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