• May 12, 2020

Care of health and longevity of the pet begins with the correct and balanced diet. The modern market of forages offers a variety and a wide choice.

For certain many of you already heard about sterns from insects, let's look at production not only in terms of the correct feeding, but also care of the nature.

Today protection of ecology — not only "good form", but also vital need. Both the mankind influences the environment, and the nature makes impact on us. And our inquiries and requirements grow, so, also consumption of resources increases. And the planet does not cope with restoration of spent any more.

Statistics is relentless

: now we "live on credit", consuming 50% more, than Earth can restore. And we have no other planet.

Whether it means that we need to refuse suddenly electricity, mobile phones, cars and planes? Even if we also wanted, we will not be able any more. However we can minimize that damage which we cause to the nature. And innovative minds work on it constantly.

we Will review an example with production of forages for animals.

Around the world production of forages for animals costs much to the nature so, as well as movement along roads of 14,000,000 cars. And 1 kg of protein from beef "costs" 8,000 liters of water. How it is possible to change a situation? One of decisions – receiving protein from insects.

In Europe, the USA and Canada tens of what farms which produce not only a stern for animals, but also products for people (snacks, snack, power bars, pasta and even alcoholic cocktails) from insects open and function.

The black lvinka – a fly who eats a beet press is especially popular as a protein source. And to receive 1 kg of a black lvinka, only 2 kg of a beet press are necessary. And to receive 1 kg of protein from these flies, only 8 liters of water are necessary. Economy of resources is available.

In addition, much less carbon dioxide and methane is thrown out. And also it is not necessary to cut down the next forest areas under pastures, so, in forests wild animals continue to exist safely.

At the same time the black lvinka is not subject to diseases from which it can suffer large and small cattle, pigs and poultry. So it also is safer, than traditional types of a source of protein.

A fly a black lvinka – the only source of protein as a part of dry new generation of forages.

Such forages have a number of advantages:

1. In structure there are no grain crops, pork, mutton, beef and chicken, so, the risk of development of allergic reactions decreases.
2. Forages suit adult dogs of all breeds and also dogs with sensitive digestion.
3. Herbs, fruit and vegetables which are included in structure of a forage will help to support immunity of the pet.

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