• Dec 1, 2018

With emergence in family of a pet the question arises, than to feed him. In pet-shops simply huge variety of goods and to choose what best forage for a cat, difficult. For this purpose it is necessary to know what to pay attention upon purchase to, than expensive grades differ from cheap and what has to be structure. All this will help to find an optimal variant which will not do much harm to health of the friend having a tail.

Good Forage for Cats

Types of forages

Rating of Cat Food

Cat's forages differ in the form of release and an amount of water which is contained in them. Depending on it, they are divided into canned food, damp and dry .

The biggest level of humidity and a period of storage at canned food. It plays a special role for pets who drink waters a little. Damp occupy an intermediate step between canned food and croutons. Most often a form of their release are portion packages of pieces in sauce.

Dry are convenient meaning that it is possible to leave them in a bowl and not to worry that the forage will deteriorate. The inconvenience of such option is that it is difficult to kids and old cats to crack granules. Besides, always nearby there has to be water.

Studying of the label

Interests all owners what forage for cats the best, food has to be full. Before choosing goods, it is necessary to study information on the label.

On it the main components and additives are specified. According to opinion of experts, without fail have to be present at a cat's diet:

The Best Forages for Cats

  • Protein (fish or meat) — fish, a rabbit, chicken, beef, a duck. It is construction material without which the organism cannot normally function and grow.
  • Taurine — is necessary for heart, the system of reproduction, sight.
  • Vitamins — maintain immunity, remove toxins, are necessary for muscular tissue and bones.
  • Fatty acids — feed an organism with energy, improve work of a brain and also hearing and sense of smell.

Carbohydrates are acquired in a cat's organism very badly therefore they can cause such problems with health as obesity, hormonal failure, birth malfunction, diabetes. At a diet of having a tail there have to be carbohydrates only with the low-glycemic level (fruit and vegetables).

How to Feed Cats and Cats

The first that has to be specified on the label — a percentage share of protein. If an offal is a part of structure, then and about them there has to be information. The inscription "animal products", but not their concrete list is subject to suspicion.

Concerning grain, their share should not exceed 50%, it concerns also some vegetables. But for cats the forage what contains from 25 to 30% of these ingredients is better.

it is better to choose goods on which label there are following inscriptions:

How to Choose a Forage for a Cat

  • balanced and nutritious;
  • A C E vitamins, rosemary;
  • a bit quantity of the recommended forage in day (it means that at a product high degree of comprehensibility);
  • presence arakhidonovy and omega of fatty acids, taurine;
  • recent production time.

of the Forage at which there are following inscriptions you should not buy: bone meal; the large recommended portion in day; Ethoxyquin, BHA, propyl gallate, BHT are dangerous preservatives; dyes and fragrances.

Division into classes

The cat's forage not only is divided into types. Depending on the price, structure and advantage, allocate classes. of All them exists four:

  1. economy class;
  2. premium class;
  3. super premium class;
  4. холистик.

Economy class is good to dull feeling of hunger at an animal. It almost does not contain useful substances, and about meat there is no speech at all. At the heart of a forage — amplifiers of taste and additive, cereals, an offal, preservatives and soy. They have only one advantage — low cost. It is possible to refer to this category also a commercial class, its structure same, only the price, at the expense of the untwisted brand, above. Producers: Meow, Kitekat, Whiskas, Felix, Friskies, Darling, Doktor Zoo.

Food of Domestic Cats

As a part of a premium class meat and vitamins contains. However it was not also without vegetable protein, cartilages and the same offal. The quality of a forage is better, than at the previous class therefore most of owners gives preference to it. The forage has the increased nutritiousness. The price is rather available. Among producers: Brit, Matisse, Advance, Happy Cat, Royal Canin, Natural Choice, Eukanuba, Bozita, Hill’s, Belcando, Flatazor.

Food Allowance of Cats

The super-premium class differs in ideally balanced structure. The forage strengthens immunity, prevents an urolithic disease and improves a condition of wool. The price, of course, "bites", but certificates of quality are responsible for packing contents. Among producers: Arden Grange, Cimiao, 1st Choice, Profine Adult Cat, Nutra Gold and Bosch Sanabelle.

Holistik — a qualitative and most useful forage for cats. An innovative product on the basis of natural vegetable and animal ingredients in which fragrances, dyes and amplifiers of taste are excluded. It is used generally for exhibition animals therefore to find it in free sale it will not turn out. Producers: Evo, Chiken Soup, Earthborn Holistic, Golden Eagle, Innova, Origen, Acana, Almo Nature, Natural&Delicious.

the Best products for cats

As It Is Correct to Feed Cats in House Conditions

According to opinion of veterinarians on what cat food is better, it is possible to summarize the following — that which generally consists of protein, and carbohydrates in it at least. Presence of cellulose and mineral complexes is important.

One more representative of this class — Wellness forage. It is characterized high (50%) by protein content. As a part of five types of meat, tomatoes., antioxidants, potato and a cranberry.

The main Now Natural ingredient is the boneless meat balanced by vegetables, a probiotics and fruit. In a stern there are no cereals and an offal causing allergic reactions. It is possible to order on the Internet as on counters of pet-shops meets extremely seldom.

1st of Choice is a forage of a super-premium class. A third of the balanced structure — animal protein (cod-liver oil, eggs, fowl). And also the Canadian producer offers the hypoallergenic line for treatment of cats.

The good reputation was won by Acana which dry feeds contain about 80% of meat and fish and also a lactobacillus and a probiotics. Among shortcomings — there is no medical ruler, rather narrow range.

What cat's forage it is better for pet to choose, to solve to the owner. Anyway it should be taken into account the state of health of a cat and his specific features. Useful will be to listen to the recommendations of the veterinarian to provide good nutrition to the favourite.

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