• Dec 11, 2018

For long and healthy life of the pet good nutrition. But not all owners, making the menu for them, think of what it is possible and what it is impossible to feed a cat with. The chicken liver is one of components which surely has to be present at a diet of the friend having a tail.

It Is Impossible to Feed a Cat with a Chicken Liver

Usual food

What It Is Impossible to Give to Cats

Cats by the nature predators therefore meatless cannot live but hunt in house conditions to them there is nobody. To save the time and to simplify cooking process, owners buy a bird's offal and meat in shops.

Not to break digestion processes, meat of a rabbit, duck, chicken and beef has to make a body of a diet of a cat. Pork and mutton are questionable as are too fat grade for the pet. Bird's meat, in turn, can become the allergy reason.

The optimum and approved option is the boiled meat of chicken which is not containing bones and skin.

According to the textbook, the adult individual needs in 400 g of meat daily. Such serious requirement arises due to need for proteins. Eggs, fish and milk can be auxiliary sources of proteins. But in these products there are restrictions.

of the Recommendation and restriction

Diet of a Domestic Cat

It is impossible to give having a tail river fish, only oceanic, surely low-fat grades. It is better to boil her that the cat did not catch helminths, previously having taken away giblets and bones.

There is an opinion that cats should not milk as it at adult age is digested badly. Fermented milk products do not need to be excluded from a diet.

Concerning eggs, there are no restrictions any, they are resolved in any kind both quail, and chicken. The only condition — absence of an allergy to a product.

The last, that it is necessary to bring in a diet of cats, is a grain (oat, rice and buckwheat). But it does not mean that they are absolutely useless. Porridges are a source of vitamins, cellulose and carbohydrates. However in the last the pet having a tail does not feel special need therefore to feed him with porridges every day there is no sense.

can be Additives to a habitual diet:

  • vegetable oil;
  • bone meal;
  • beer yeast;
  • cod-liver oil.

As to calculate how many these additives are necessary for an animal daily difficult, an optimal variant is acquisition of special vitamin complexes in pet-shop.

the Chicken liver in a diet

Liver in a Diet of a Cat

The liver on the structure is just unique product. In it there are a lot of vitamins and also the protein and fats contains. This part, as well as kidneys, belongs to bodies of filtration therefore as "clean" are not considered.

According to the recommendations of experts, to include a liver in a diet cat's it is necessary , only in the raw and not more often than one-two times a week. If the product is subject to processing, then useful substances in it will remain very little.

It is very important to observe the frequency of reception of a liver. If the cat uses such delicacy daily, then it can become the diarrhea reason at the pet. Another matter a boiled liver, it is possible to indulge it more often than crude. But also here it is important not to go too far that the cat had no lock.

What to Feed Cats and Cats with

The advantage of a chicken liver is invaluable to a cat's organism. It is a well of vitamins of group B and vitamin A which feed integuments, take participation in growth of cages and their division, strengthen bones, are responsible for health of eyes and sight.

It is impossible to ignore also the fact that to the pet at whose diet there is a chicken liver avitaminosis because in structure though the small, but balanced list of useful elements is not terrible.

Cats who regularly receive a liver differ in excellent condition of a fur coat , and its color becomes more intensive.

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