• Oct 30, 2018

Correct Diet of Domestic Cats of the Cat, their teeth are adapted only for breaking of meat. Cats eat slowly, small pieces, they need to warm up food because got used to the fresh, just caught and killed production.

What to feed with

a cat?

  • Correct Diet of Domestic Cats Meat and offal: beef, rabbit, bird, lungs, heart). It is necessary to add mineral additives and vitamins to meat.
  • Fish: it is desirable to give only a sea or ocean fish, fillet, as well as to meat, to add vitamins. To give fish not more often than 1 time a week, it is better to give an industrial forage on a fish basis.
  • Meat and fish need to be given in a boiled look, in order to avoid infection of a cat with parasites!
  • Dairy products: it is a little milk (in order to avoid diarrhea), low-fat sour cream, fermented baked milk, curdled milk.
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Vegetables: potato, carrot, pumpkin.

What it is impossible to give to a cat?

  • Correct Diet of Domestic Cats Store forcemeat: it contains salt, fats, leather.
  • Fat pork, fat: contains too much fat.
  • Liver of a turkey: will lead to problems with a chair.
  • It is impossible all types of Karpova of fish, river fish and mollusks.
  • It is impossible to give cream, fat sour cream.
  • Mushrooms, most part of fruit, onions and garlic, salt and spices.
  • Bone.
  • Sweet, especially chocolate.
  • Fried products.
  • Potatoes

Dry cat food: for or against?

Correct Diet of Domestic Cats as advantages of dry cat food can note simplicity and convenience that nothing should be prepared specially; good balance, especially at forages class "Premium"; content of taurine, necessary for activity of a cat, in a stern; brushes cat's teeth.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings of a dry feed: with dry feeds the cat has to drink a lot of water, it is necessary to watch drinking regime of an animal; damp industrial forages and a stern "the house-keeper of a class contain the chemicals capable to do harm; feeding only by a dry feed can lead to gastritis or stomach ulcer at a cat.

Can draw a conclusion that the diet of a domestic cat, as well as any living being, has to be balanced and various. It is necessary to remember "the list of the forbidden products" not to do much harm to a cat.

Correct Diet of Domestic Cats the Resolved products – meat, fish, eggs dairy products, vegetables in small amounts can be combined with are good a dry feed and special vitamin and mineral additives for cats.

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