• Nov 20, 2018

during family feasts all family members, including her four-footed members gather. Usually they sit directly under a table or about especially generous guests waiting for an entertainment from a holiday table. And in usual days pictures when the dog all dinner faithfully listens spellbound to the owner are frequent, watching leave each tidbit.

Entertainment from a Table for the Favourite Pet

And a look at the same time at it such plaintive as though the animal never in life was fed. Many owners give up and feed up the favourite from a human table. But it is not really good both for discipline, and for health of a dog. Such unplanned having a snack will debalance a diet of a dog and subsequently she can refuse the main food or a forage.

I not only because it is not hungry, but also because will expect something more tasty, treated it from a table and more than once – for certain again will sit down to eat soon and will not forget about a favourite doggie.

Entertainment from a Table for the Favourite Pet

If your dog on a diet because of excessive weight, then such entertainments – a source of excess calories, not controllable. The balance of vitamins and mineral substances in that case cannot also be kept track. Of course, if your dog as delicacy accepts carrots or a celery, then to its weight cellulose will not damage, but the diet can get off. Some products from a table of the owner are simply dangerous to your pet: harmful and for the person tobacco and alcohol, hop, tea, coffee, yeast dough and chocolate, a potato tops of vegetable and leaves of tomato, a rhubarb, and also onions, makadmiya nuts, many mushrooms are toxic for your pet.

Well and of course should not give to the dog that you would not begin to eat, for example mouldy products.

Mutton and pork are very dangerous to dogs! And not only because are heavy for a liver. In crude pork there lives the causative agent of a distemper deadly to young individuals. And here it is better for the grown-up puppies not to milk after 4 months of life because digestion of lactose to this age is at a loss. Crude grain and oat flakes – not the best food for your pet, and let amuses you illusion that in crude there are more vitamins.

Entertainment from a Table for the Favourite Pet

Many dogs love crude potatoes and eat it together with a peel. It is not dangerous to a dog, but it is better to limit amount of starch to 2-3 potatoes a week: intestinal parasites very much love starch. Cakes and cakes besides obvious harm for teeth and a liver of a dog (well and figures, of course) can provoke allergic dacryagogue.

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