• Aug 21, 2019

It is pleasant to us to indulge pets, and we often buy by it beautiful collars or breast-bands, dresses and toys. And, of course, delicacies.

Delicacies not only please a dog, but also facilitate process of training and education: it is much simpler to agree with the pet if it is possible to offer him as an award yum-yum!

Training by humane methods, by means of a positive reinforcement, is impossible without treats for dogs .

photo: the Acana Free-Run Duck Dog treats Acana.ru/treats for dogs

First, by means of delicacy we "direct" a dog, prompting it the correct actions. For example, for training in the Sit team we get a hand with delicacy for the head of a dog up, it raises a nose and automatically sits down. And for training in team "Nearby" at the beginning we hold delicacy before the pet's nose that he understood: it is necessary to go near the left leg.

Secondly, we encourage with delicacy a canine friend for the correct actions. Do not forget that at the beginning delicacy is given for each correct action. And only when the dog understands what you want from her, and the skill is acquired, it is possible to pass to a variable reinforcement: to give delicacy not for each executed command, and, for example, for the every second, third or fourth (through unequal intervals).

photo: the Acana Grass-Fed Lamb Dog treats Acana.ru/treats for dogs

Also by means of delicacy we develop love to the signal of a clicker or a verbal (voice) marker meaning the correct behavior at a dog. For this purpose it is necessary to give one – two occupations to acquaintance to a marker.

We click a clicker (or we say a word marker, for example, "Yes") and right there we give delicacy. So about 20 times repeat. And when you will see that the dog at a sound of a marker looks at you waiting for encouragement, so the pet acquired: the marker means that now it will be awarded.

photo: the Acana Pacific Pilchard Dog treats Acana.ru/treats for dogs If we choose by

treats for dogs , it is important that they were pleasant to the favourite, and still were the convenient size. During training we encourage a dog very often, and better that she could eat many small vkusnyashka, than two huge pieces and then lost interest in occupations.

photo: the Acana Yorkshire Pork Dog treats Acana.ru/treats for dogs for

Of course, it is possible to prepare an entertainment for the dear friend by own efforts, but it is often simpler and more convenient to use already ready treats for dogs from the famous producers with the checked reputation. It is possible to try several options to understand what type of delicacy is pleasant to your canine friend more.

Consider that the amount of the delicacy eaten by a dog should be subtracted from a daily diet.

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