• Dec 11, 2018

it is simple to div to Support pets presently, for their food in pet-shops many kinds of forages are presented. Well proved the Italian forage of Almo Nature for kittens and cats. His producer became the first who began to turn out products only with the natural structure intended for the correct formation of a skeleton and good growth of wool.

Almo Nature Forage for Kittens and Cats

Review of a forage

All range Almo Nature considers features of a cat's organism and is balanced for 100%. Forages (dry and tinned) can be combined during the feeding, however many veterinarians recommend to accustom the pet to one look .

Before going on sale, all products are checked for quality. Thanks to it all risks are minimum. Canned food is produced on new technology, being processed at the same time is moderate. All forages are exposed to threefold control:

  • Check of initial components.
  • Moderate processing (at intensive the product loses the useful qualities, and at weak it cannot be stored).
  • A research on nutrients and safety.

of the Recommendation from the producer

The Best Cat Food

All ruler belongs to the class Holistic and pleases with the pet abundance of tastes. Thanks to the balanced structure there is no need for additional products — it is worth getting any bag of Almo Nature that the cat received all nutrients necessary for life.

The producer offered a special method of drawing up a diet: The damp forage and 1/3 — dry has to make 2/3 of its parts. The structure of one look supplements the second. Thanks to this concept load of kidneys decreases due to receipt in an organism of bigger volume of water.

If to enter canned food into a daily diet, in an organism of an animal important processes are normalized. It is necessary to transfer to such feeding of a pet gradually, previously having checked a condition of his gastrointestinal tract.

of the Almo Nature Series

Besides damp and dry feeds the range includes various delicacies for cats. Differences consist in appointment, the price and structure. Exists four categories of products:

How to Choose a Forage for a Cat

Bone meal and an offal are excluded from structure , at it there is only a natural meat. Rice and potato saturate an animal organism with carbohydrates. To exclude the probability of allergic reaction, in a forage the hydrolyzed white is added.

Green Label is considered the best series. Artificial additives in a stern completely are absent, and the percent of natural meat is higher. The turkey, fish, beef, a rabbit and chicken meat act as sources of protein. Carbohydrates contain in potato and brown rice. of Green Label includes only canned food and teach , they are suitable for the ungelded and castrated animals of any breed.

Food of Domestic Cats

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