• Aug 21, 2019
Many owners think of that, what delicacies to give to a dog . Process of training and education goes much quicker if to encourage a canine friend with yum-yum!
 What delicacies to give to a dog
We asked experts to share
opinion on what delicacies costs and you should not give to a dog.

Ekaterina Kuzmenko, nutritionist

Delicacy for a dog has to be:

  1. Useful
  2. Tasty
  3. Convenient.
When you buy by
delicacy for the favourite, give preference to delicacies which do not contain in the structure some sugar, salt, artificial dyes and fragrances.
Is important to pick up correctly taste of delicacy that the dog well reacted and with big eagerness executed commands.
For convenience at occupation with a dog, delicacy has to be available by the size that its eating did not distract from occupation. Also it will be more convenient to you to use delicacy which does not crumble and does not soil.
Best of all will approach delicacies natural, made of meat (chicken, a lamb, beef, etc.). Happen in the form of fillet dried and semi-damp, sausages.
it is convenient to
to crush and put them in a handbag or a pocket. You can also choose cookies for dogs.
It is important! Any delicacy is additional food. Its quality and quantity affects health of your favourite.
Remember that the dog cannot give loadings after feeding.
For dogs allergic persons choose hypoallergenic delicacies from meat of a rabbit, a turkey, a duck, a lamb.
 What delicacies to give to dogs
On a photo: delicacies for a dog

Olga Krasovskaya, cynologist, trainer, dog agility head coach of the national team of Belarus

is better to choose that delicacy most of which of all is pleasant to a dog.

Is very convenient to use boiled chicken stomachs – they do not crumble, they can be cut most small.

Can be used ready yum-yum. Dogs love Royal Canine Energy, but they are very high-calorie.

is convenient to use already ready dried offal, for example, a lung — the most favorable and convenient option. It is a lung therefore leaves cheap. At the same time well breaks and pleasantly smells of dried mushrooms.

of the Dog very much love bull eggs (before drying thinly to cut), a hem and guts. The most terrible smell at guts. All this can be bought already ready.

If is desire to tinker, it is possible to make delicacy for a dog most:
  1. the Liver is passed via the meat grinder, onions, carrot, garlic, a little bit salts, egg, flour are added.
  2. the Thin layer you spread it on a baking sheet and you dry up, then you cut.
If you give to a dog crude food, she with pleasure will eat the crude hem. Of course, it very smelly also soils hands, but to itself(himself) is quite capable to include a brain.

my dogs love pancakes and cheesecakes.

If a dog not the maniacal food industry worker, then delicacy it is good to div class=" quote to change
, brand new is always more tasty.

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