• Dec 26, 2018

many, but what to feed the British kitten with dream to Get a thoroughbred cat, not all owners of pets know. The diet differs depending on age of an animal, his sex and other features.

What to Feed the British Kitten with

That the hair of a kitten remained always brilliant and soft, and the gastrointestinal tract ran smoothly, it is necessary to provide him the balanced food.

Types of food and their advantage

 what to feed the British kittens

Food for pets can be two types — natural and industrial. Many owners personally cook food for the pets and offer their products which use. However it is important to know, than it is better to feed the British kitten and what products should be excluded from his diet at all.

In dishes for a pet spices and salt are inadmissible .

Cat's forages, canned food and various vitamin complexes for animals belong to industrial types of food. Such food significantly saves time and strength of the owner of a kitten, providing British with all necessary vitamins and minerals. At such type of food it is necessary to buy canned food which corresponds to age of a cat.

It is important to observe the proportions specified on packing and not to exceed a dosage.

Age features

If in family monthly British appeared, he needs to be fed with chicken soups and milk porridges. Food needs to be wiped through a sieve. At such age the kid needs five times food.

Experts unanimously say that industrial forages for monthly kittens are inadmissible.

Frequency of feedings changes approximately at three-months age. During this period the pet is already allowed to give red meat, chicken fillet and to cook cream soup. For the kid it is already possible to buy industrial canned food, but they have to be the high-quality and released checked producers. On packing surely there has to be a mark "for kittens".

 how to feed British kitten

For one-year-old pets there are several options of food:

  1. Premium dry feed.
  2. Natural products.
  3. Mix of a dry feed and canned food. Such type of food needs to be coordinated with the veterinarian. The expert will pick up optimum proportions and will make recommendations to British owner.

the Pet needs to buy periodically vitamins and mineral complexes to provide him with all necessary nutrients. It is not recommended to mix dry feeds with natural products. If the owner of a pet fed the pet with industrial food, he has to adhere to such diet constantly.

General recommendations

A consensus of experts about with what it is better to feed the British kitten, no, but there are certain rules of food for pets. If the owner adheres to of the following recommendations, then his animal will grow healthy:

What to feed British kitten

  1. At natural food all dishes have to be freshly cooked. In the course of cooking it is necessary to use only qualitative products.
  2. If the owner of an animal is a vegetarian, he has to know that it is correct to feed a kitten of British not only vegetable food, but also animal. Meat of low-fat grades surely has to enter a diet of the little favourite.
  3. Observance of a diet. It is impossible to overfeed an animal or to force it to starve long. It will lead to problems with a gastrointestinal tract and will negatively affect state of his health.
  4. The liver is with what it is possible to feed British kitten, but no more once a week.
  5. Regular washing of a cat's bowl and capacity from which the animal drinks water. The owner has to monitor not only feeding, but also behind kitten drink. Water has to be clean.
  6. Natural food is served only in a warm look.
  7. Canned food usually is on sale a la carte. One packing is calculated on one meal therefore it is impossible to divide it on two times.
  8. It is impossible to give to little British crude fish or meat. Products should be boiled to exclude infection with helminths. It is also necessary to peel meat from skins, to take away bones and to give to an animal only pulp.

It is necessary for the owner not only the nobility, than it is better to feed a kitten, but also to get acquainted with products which are strictly forbidden to be given to pets. belong To such food:

 the British kittens what to feed

  1. Sweets, cookies, candies, ice cream, pastries.
  2. River fish who contains many bones. Little British can choke with a small stone.
  3. Industrial food from the budget producers (for example, Whiskas or Kitiket). Such forages are made of second-grade raw materials and any benefit to a pet will not bring.
  4. Light-salted fish, home-made canned food, sausage, spices.
  5. Potatoes, bean, products with the high content of fat.
  6. In pure form it is impossible to milk after 6 months as at kittens it is badly acquired and causes discomfort in a stomach.

The type of food of British depends on financial opportunities of his owner, but anyway the diet of a kitten has to be balanced.

It is necessary to exclude completely sweet, salty, spices, smoked products and home-made canned food.

These products will negatively affect health of a pet and will lead to serious consequences.

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