• Dec 9, 2018

can Feed the Bengalese cat with natural food or ready-made feeds, but for this purpose it is necessary to understand physiology and features of breed. The look was removed artificially by crossing of a wild leopard, Bengalese and domestic cat with the purpose to create the animal who is immune to cat's leukemia. In selection the share of wild cats was high that led to preservation of type of food, instincts and tendency to protection of the territory.

What to Feed the Bengalese Cats with

Natural food

As bengal ancestors — forest predators, till the 20th century they did not contact to people and inherited short intestines which are intended only for digestion of meat.

Bengalese Cat

At a diet of animals generally there were rodents, fish and a bird, is more rare — hares. All game caught by a predator was eaten without the rest, including interiors, a skin and bones.

The meat diet enriched an organism with all necessary vitamins, micro and macrocells therefore need to look for additional power supplies disappeared by itself.

Food of the Bengalese cat in house conditions is not less, than for 70% has to consist of meat, vegetables — 15% and grain — 5%, the last 10% – fish, a liver and eggs.

It is possible to feed the Bengalese cat with only low-fat grades of meat , they are recommended to be given in the raw. But the risk of infection with worms is in that case high. Therefore to store fish and meat it is necessary in deep freezing. Before feeding the pet, food should be taken in boiled water and to cut on pieces, forcemeat should not be done. The diet can be diversified with lungs, heart or a liver. Bones are necessary for a cat, only not tubular too, it is worth giving preference to cartilages and bird's necks.

Food of a Bangal

Fish has to be present too , but is rare , it is enough to include of her in a diet two-three times a week. It is necessary to watch that in her there were no small bones. River fish in this case does not approach. Fish and to males as causes development of an urolithic disease is not recommended.

Quail eggs, especially a yolk, become a favourite dish of pets. But it is impossible to give them more often than once a week.

It is necessary to feed the adult friend having a tail 3 times a day, at the same time the serving size has to be from 200 to 400 g

Ready-made feeds

For the Bengalese kittens it is possible to use natural food and ready-made feeds. What way is more preferable, to solve to the owner, however experts advise the second option as it has more advantages, than shortcomings.

Ready-made Feeds for Bengals

Pluses and minuses of ready-made feeds:

  • Includes all necessary elements necessary for the correct menu.
  • Thanks to a dry feed formation of a scale slows down.
  • It is convenient to busy person to use granules. They do not spoil therefore it is possible to fill them with a stock.
  • No forage is capable to provide completely physiological requirements, with it the animal receives not enough liquid.
  • The risk of obesity when feeding by ready-made feeds is much higher.

The Bengalese cats are not recommended to be fed with cheap products. The last will badly affect health of pets. The best option for breed are products of such brands:

Eagle Pack Holistic for cats

  • Royal Canin;
  • Purina Pro Plan;
  • Nutra Gold;
  • Acana;

Cost their high, but is better to get a full-fledged forage, than to address in a clinic because of improper feeding of an animal.

Liquid for the pet

Water for Bengals

In a bowl the cat always has to have fresh and clear water. But bengals and flowing water love. It is recommended to leave sometimes for pets the open crane, and it is possible to buy the fountainlet which will constantly work.

In a diet of the Bengalese kittens and cats there has to be a milk . It is not contraindicated to them, however also the intolerance of this product therefore it is important to track reaction of the pet during the first feeding up meets.

Bengals not really love kefir, but anyway it is worth watching fat content in drink (no more than 3%).

Natural food suits pets more. But on its preparation a lot of time leaves. It is necessary to remember that combination of a natural and industrial forage is forbidden as at an animal at digestion of fresh products, canned food and a dry feed different enzymes are emitted.

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