• Dec 7, 2018

Many owners for simplification of process of care of domestic cats buy special fillers. In life quite often pets begin to eat mix that can signal about problems with health of an animal. For an exception of dangerous consequences it is important to know why the kitten eats filler for a toilet and what to do in such situation.

The Kitten Eats Filler for a Toilet

Possible reasons of eating of filler

Many owners of pets are in perplexity at the beginning if the cat eats filler for a toilet and what to do, do not know. Such behavior of cats is quite widespread, and most often the reasons of inadequate behavior are connected with physical and psychological deviations, after elimination of a source of their emergence the eating problem a cat of filler passes.

Factors physiological

Cats are considered as pets, but on the essence they remain to predators. To attract keen interest and desire there are granules the following physiological reasons can:

The Keen Interest and Desire Are Granules

  • lack of calcium;
  • lack of an opportunity for turning of teeth;
  • teething period;
  • pleasant filler smell.

Calcium which comes to their organism together with food is necessary for cats for maintenance of due dental health and bones. At a lack of food or bad quality of a forage the pet begins to have deficiency of such element and begins to look for additional sources of its replenishment. To understand why the cat eats filler for a toilet, it is worth turning on a diet of a cat and sufficiency of nutrients in it.

If the kitten eats filler for a tray, then it is necessary to be convinced of absence at a cat of problems with health for what it is enough to undergo inspection at the veterinarian. The expert will make recommendations about healthy nutrition, will pick up a forage according to age and breed of the pet, will exclude harmful products and will write out a vitamin complex.

In the absence of a subject by means of which it would be possible to sharpen teeth pets begin to look for suitable options. In certain cases they choose firm granules of filler for the similar purposes. In order that the cat could have an opportunity to restore sharpness of canines, can use the following options:

  • to give to the pet of a stone and a sinew;
  • to equip the special place that will provide to a kitten an opportunity to any place to sharpen claws and teeth and will allow to keep furniture of whole;
  • during eruption at a kitten of teeth it is not necessary to neglect massage of gums.

Give to the Pet of a Stone and a Sinew

The cat can give only pork or beef ribs, and chicken stones for them are forbidden. It is possible to buy a special stone calcite as such subject optimum is suitable as a subject for turning of teeth. At the small cost he successfully copes with the appointment and has long service life.

of the Reason of the psychoemotional nature

Cats the endured stress is a common cause of eating of granules. The similar situation can be observed at a little kitten when he is torn off from mother, and at the adult pet. Prichina's of emotional violations exists much:

Reasons of the Psychoemotional Nature

  • uncomfortable conditions of accommodation;
  • the endured strong fright;
  • the frightening-off smells;
  • presence of the competitor;
  • change of residence.

In such situation it is important to provide to an animal care, to find for it more time and attention.

It is often possible to observe that little kittens try to eat filler.

In most cases such behavior is caused by usual curiosity, desire to investigate everything "on teeth". The danger is connected with the fact that often kids cannot just spit out the lump which stuck to their language, and it can get into a stomach. For an exception of unhealthy curiosity it is often enough to distract the kid, having provided it more interesting toys and occupations.


Is dangerous filler to a cat

As a part of modern mixes for cat's trays pets of poisons hazardous to health and toxins in most cases do not contain. Several granules which got into a mouth of the pet will not do harm, but in case of a komkovaniye it can bear danger .

Whether Filler Is Dangerous to a Cat

At hit of a large number of granules in a mouth they begin to komkovatsya actively, gather in themselves animal saliva, at the same time the lump can get stuck in a throat. Education is capable to increase considerably in sizes after hit in a stomach. Obstruction of a system of a gullet can result, and in this case only surgical intervention can correct a situation.

Silicone gel mixes are most dangerous to a cat. Their components very quickly absorb moisture therefore even hit of several grains in a stomach is capable to cause discomfort in a cat. Even several grains after hit in a stomach can provoke essential discomfort. The inflated particles of filler stick to walls of a gullet and throat, causing in the pet of inconvenience and a physical indisposition.

of Feature of the carried-out actions

The considerable use by the pet of filler demands acceptance of immediate actions as can be threat for his life. If the kitten ate filler for a toilet, then should execute the following manipulations:

  • immediately to wash out to the pet of companies;
  • to take emergency measures and to track changes in behavior of a kitten;
  • to visit in need of the veterinarian;
  • to inform the doctor on filler type;
  • to implement the recommendations of the expert.

Visit in need of the Veterinarian

Even if the kitten ate a little filler, then you should not panic and to run immediately in veterinary clinic. In this case it is recommended to give it via the syringe a small amount of vaseline, having tracked the fact of swallowing of means by the pet. It will help foreign objects to pass through digestive organs and will allow to avoid their damages. During the day the animal has to descend more in a toilet if it did not occur, then it is worth addressing the veterinarian.

Deviations in behavior of a cat have to guard the owner if the pet suddenly began to show unreasonable aggression or became apathetic, refuses meal. A dangerous symptom is emergence of excessive salivation or the speeded-up strong heart beat. At emergence of similar signals it is necessary to address also immediately for consultation in veterinary clinic.

Important points

Will help to reduce risk of emergence of negative consequences the choice of the "correct" type of filler . At an eating problem as a cat of filler it is worth choosing wood mixes. They look as large granules, at the same time the animal cannot swallow them, and at a razmokaniye they turn into dust at once.

Purchase of Corn Mix for Cat's Trays.

Purchase of corn mix for cat's trays will become quite good option. On properties it is similar wood, but is absolutely harmless. A lack of such mix is higher cost and also due to the lack of ability to a komkovaniye she demands full replacement in a tray.

Today in shops a large number of toilets for pets is presented. At emergence of a problem of eating animals of filler for a tray are recommended to pay attention to models with lattices. In such situation the pet just physically cannot reach mix, at the same time the smell problem from waste products is solved in full.

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