• Jan 23, 2019

During the spring period most often people go to the dacha and make the decision to take with themselves and a cat. But on a personal plot of a pet can wait a set of troubles, especially if usually it has no free access on the street, living in the city apartment. Before taking away an animal, owners should learn what can threaten a cat at the dacha in spring time.

What Threatens a Cat at the Dacha in Spring Time

Main dangers

On the seasonal dacha the following troubles can wait a cat:

Main Dangers

  1. Street animals . Vagrant cats and dogs can injure a pet and infect him with a viral disease.
  2. Meeting with rodents, insects and snakes . The sting of a bee or wasp can cause allergic reaction in a cat. Rodents are carriers of rage, and the meeting with a snake for the pet can terminate in death.
  3. Infection with parasites . During the spring period of a cat ticks and fleas can attack, but most often pets catch worms.
  4. Poisonous plants . On a personal plot there can be plants which are for cats poisonous, for example, a widespread lily of the valley which blossoms in the spring.

Immunity at the domestic cats who do not have free access on the street, rather weak as they seldom are exposed to the attacks of viruses. For this reason the risk of infection with parasites and various diseases at the dacha at such pets considerably increases.

of the Precautionary measure

Precautionary measures

As soon as the pet appears in a country house, he feels inconveniently. The new situation and the long road cause a stress in a cat, and she needs to give time to adapt on the new place. It is desirable to refer carrying with the pet to the most distant room that he began to study the territory gradually.

Before departure for giving and during stay on the country site it is also worth observing the following precautionary measures:

  • to buy a cat the special collar protecting from fleas and ticks;
  • to proglistogonit the pet;
  • to increase portions of a forage to prevent hunting of the pet for rodents;
  • to refuse processing of plants chemicals;
  • to fence the house with a fence and to dig holes on the site.

Precautionary measures

It is also recommended to sterilize or castrate an animal to prevent emergence of undesirable posterity.

If the four-footed favourite participates in cultivation and exhibitions, then it is desirable not to let out him for gate of the house and to watch closely its movements.

If there are any suspicions on development of a disease in an animal, then it needs to be brought as soon as possible to survey to veterinary clinic, but not to self-medicate. Further stay at the dacha without rendering the qualified help can aggravate its state only.

It is worth taking a cat with itself to the dacha in case the long holiday is planned. After return home it is necessary to examine carefully the four-footed favourite or to bring it to routine inspection to the veterinarian.

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