• Jan 29, 2019

as it can seem at first sight. Modern uchena brought some clarity in a question of how ancient ancestors of cats looked and as there was a domestication process. However some moments still remain not clear. Researchers agreed in opinion that all cats came from a prehistoric proailurus. He is considered the last predecessor of pets.

As Ancient Ancestors of Cats Looked

Genealogy and genealogical tree

All cats belong to the uniform cat family. But it can be divided into big cats (lions, tigers and jaguars), small animals (pets, pumas and lynxes). But quite recently there was still the third look cat's — saber-toothed. Smilodona and saber-toothed tigers concerned them. But these representatives of cat's family died out and today they cannot be met. All three families have the uniform general ancestor — a psevdelurus.

But the very first representative cat's was проаилурус which all characteristics coincided with modern representatives of this family. Researchers came to such conclusions.

the First cat's

Psevdelurusa treat the first representatives cat's which lived in the territory of America and Europe about 20 million years ago. Externally these animals looked as modern polecats:

  • the graceful extended body;
  • short legs;
  • a little extended muzzle.

The last representative of this look died 8 million years ago. But also today it is mentioned in the most part of modern treatises in biology and zoology as the first cat.

Ancestors of Cats and Cats

The predecessor of this animal, проаилурус looked a little differently and resembled modern cats more . It had a long tail and he perfectly climbed trees that allowed to disappear from large predators and people.

Irrespective of the size, all representatives of cat's have a number of common features. So, a pet and a wild lion are very similar:

  • they are carnivorous;
  • lead a nocturnalism;
  • cannot be a long time in loneliness.

The feature of these representatives of fauna is that they do not distinguish sweet taste at all. They have no receptors necessary for this purpose.

Modern cats

Modern Cats

According to history domestication of a cat began in Ancient Egypt. Archeological finds confirm it. Pets were buried with Pharaohs, of a figurine in the form of a cat met in many temples of Egypt , there is even a goddess who looks as a cat.

But the last researches disproved this fact. It became clear that for the first time pets appeared in China and Japan. The soil is more fertile here, and climate quite soft. Therefore the person needed an animal not only to hunt or give milts and meat, but also that, which will begin to protect stocks from small rodents . The cat was ideal for this role.

The predator moved closer and closer to huts of the person in search of available food — there was a mass of rodents. Besides, cats destroyed snakes that too did well to the person. Therefore shortly animals strongly lodged in houses of people who fed up them milk and meat.

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