• May 8, 2018

Can a cat cries because of problems with health?

whether Cry cats? What it is necessary to know about the crying pet (Part 2) Yes, dacryagogue can cause a variety of reasons, that is why it is always very important to kotovladelets to be aware of experiences of the pet, his physical and mental states. The cat who ails or is wounded, cannot just tell "hurts me here and here" so if the pet cries, on it definitely there is most likely a medical reason. Doctor Jean Duddy considers that time tears acted, it can be sign of serious problems.

If you think that the cat cries, check it:

  1. Run a hand over the pet's body, we check whether there are wounds, damages or tumors.
  2. Check his mouth, a nose and eyes whether got stuck there that.
  3. Make sure that breath is normal.
  4. Check intimate parts of an animal, whether all there, as usual.
  5. Study tray contents.
  6. Your pet is not sterilized?

Can an animal cries because something changed in his habitual environment?

whether Cry cats? What it is necessary to know about the crying pet (Part 2) If the cat looks normal physically, then possibly the reason in an environment. Let's talk about how to check this hypothesis:

  1. In the house something new appeared? The neighbor can, the sofa or a floor replaced … all this can lead to cat's panic!
  2. Maybe you began to buy other filler for a tray?
  3. The tray or pans with food can were moved from the habitual place? Especially relevant, if on the way to the new place there is a ladder, cats can have the arthritis and other diseases coming with age.
  4. There were new neighbors and they have pets who freely walk everywhere?
  5. The forage changed?
  6. You remember: Cats, in difference from dogs and people, can be irritated and have a stress even from the slightest changes in their habitat, a daily routine or a circle of contacts.

That needs to be done to calm an animal:

whether Cry cats? What it is necessary to know about the crying pet (Part 2) do not abuse an animal At all for the fact that it cries! If dacryagogue proceeds a long time and you cannot understand the reason, address the veterinarian. If your pet is not sterilized, it is necessary to carry out this procedure as quickly as it is possible.

For many cats shock from any external changes can last several days. You can help the pet to cope with a problem, having placed him in the quiet reliable place, for example, to the bedroom. Close a door and leave its favourite toys there, let the animal will calm down. If you transferred its "property" – a tray and pans about other place, try to return them on former. If the situation worsens, consult at the expert in behavior.

Also do not forget that even the most heart-rending cry published by your fluffy friend can mean only "pay attention to me".

Denise LeBeau | May, 2018

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