• Oct 19, 2018

Copulation of Cats for the First Time of the Cat is practically in each house. Owners who did not castrate the pets prefer to receive healthy posterity. But often they do not know how there is a copulation of cats for the first time. And it is necessary to have preliminary training, to examine animals, to lower a stress for both partners, to use methods for increase in efficiency of knitting.


It Is Necessary to Bring a Cat to the Veterinarian Before knitting needs to take a cat to the veterinarian and to conduct full examination of an organism. It is impossible to allow to pairing an animal with chronic diseases, without passport and certificates of inoculations and also pets without breed. Copulation is carried out only on reaching puberty, at females and males the age can differ. You should not confuse a polovozrelost with physiological features of an organism also.

Cats are ready to reproduction since six months, but the indicator can vary from the fourth on the seventh. the First estrus is not the reason at once to carry a female to the partner as can arise unforeseen problems:

  • emergence of weak posterity;
  • risk of heavy childbirth;
  • possibility of development of infertility.

Males ripen by eight months, but also also you should not couple him with a cat at once. Consequences can be different: development of the pet will slow down, the risk of appearance of impotence increases, the appearance of a cat worsens. It is better to couple animals at the age of 10−15 months, for this period genitals completely will develop and will ripen, and the organism to be prepared for reproduction of posterity.

Preparation for the procedure

Before pairing animal carry out special preparation , otherwise none of manufacturers will agree to the procedure. Do to Kot all diseases and viruses inoculations, information on them is entered in the passport. One week prior to knitting process an animal from external and internal parasites. Provide to the owner of the partner the documents confirming breeding of the pet. But this measure is necessary only for members of zoological clubs.

 do to Kot all diseases and viruses inoculations,

At a cat it is necessary to define a techka. During this period it cardinally changes the behavior, becomes very tender and appeasable. The animal constantly purrs, rubs about legs and different objects. The voice is raised, the female constantly mews and shouts, so she calls to herself the partner. The deflection of a back and constantly raised tail are also signs of a techka.

Then choose the suitable groom for what agree with his owner about holding a procedure in advance. From it it is also necessary to demand the corresponding documentation. If the manufacturer refuses to show references and the passport, then he should be replaced.

It is necessary to go to the partner only for the third day after the beginning of a techka, knitting is spent at home at a male. In this case the cat will be more appeasable and soft. With itself it is possible to take The Choice of a Cat for a Cat necessary objects:

  • house bowl;
  • favourite forage;
  • a laying for rest;
  • a tray with filler.

of Kot before a meeting bathe, cut to him nails and eliminate all parasites.

Carrying out copulation

In day of copulation you should not hurry animals. They will understand as when they need to do. It is better to place them in the separate room with food and water. Eliminate all sources of bright light and a sound. Pets are not brought to each other, do not try to impose a male on a female. It can cause a stress. In the first hour the bride can beat and scratch a cat.

After couple calmed down, the owner of a cat has to leave, the owner of the groom remains with them. Successful copulation can be recognized by several signs :

  • Carrying Out Copulation the female carefully licks genitals;
  • the cat loses interest in the bride;
  • animals sit next to each other.

Difficult there takes place the procedure with obstinate females, they just suppress a cat. It is enough to give them more time and patience.

process can be very painful that is connected with features of the structure of a genital of a male. The cat during pairing hisses, growls and bites. After that the bride lays down on a back and is actively licked, so it gets rid of unpleasant feelings.

of the Recommendation to owners

The owner of a male has more duties. It has to control all process, be responsible for the normal state and health of a cat. It is impossible to couple pets who had no sexual communications yet. One of them already has to be with experience.

The owner of a cat has to collect all necessary documents and follow some rules. It is impossible to cause a techka artificially though some owners use hormonal tablets and injections. The female is not bathed before copulation as water and shampoos wash away the enzyme attracting a cat. You should not pump up an animal demulcents, aggression will take place over time.

Cultivation of Thoroughbred Animals

Cultivation of thoroughbred animals — laborious business. Their owners bear full responsibility for all posterity which appeared after knitting. Cats need to be prepared in advance. Within all 10 months they have to eat fully, include meat, fish, dairy products and expensive dry feeds in a diet. It is necessary to have periodically examination at the veterinarian, not to allow communications with doubtful partners.

The animal needs to give rest, it is impossible to limit it in games and a dream. Walks in the fresh air are useful. If several pairings are planned, then they are carried out with a break in one week. It is impossible to couple more often as at a cat the quality of sperm worsens.

Possible problems

Sometimes to carry out knitting very difficult. Even with adult cats there can be problems. Owners most often of face such force majeurs:

  • stress;
  • a difference in weight;
  • zavalivany cats sideways;
  • aggression manifestation.

Aggression Manifestation. At visit of the house of a male at a cat the techka can be gone. It is the usual stress caused by change of the habitat. It is better to leave a female at the groom's owner for several days. She will get used to the dwelling and will relax. If the bride weighs more cat, then couple is helped. The male is directed a hand, help animals to pick up suitable situation. The cat during process can be filled up sideways. It is normal reaction of the pet, the skilled male itself will cope with this problem. Otherwise it is better to support the bride.

Aggression is shown usually by a cat in relation to the groom. Meetings terminate in scratches, stings, the torn-out wool. If after 1−2 days reaction did not disappear, then it is worth finding other partner.

Categorically do not recommend to couple the pet with underbred animals, it will have an adverse effect on health of future posterity. It is better to undergo consultation in that zoological club where the kitten was acquired. And also it is possible to consult to more experienced manufacturers. Difficult process of pairing is facilitated preliminary training and the careful choice of the partner.

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