• Jan 26, 2019

Many heard that at entrance to new housing of the first the cat has to enter. But why so? From where did this superstition occur? It is known to not everyone. But after all often there are all-knowing old women who distribute advice to new settlers as it is correct to let a cat in the apartment.

As It Is Correct to Let a Cat in the Apartment

sign Sources

This sign, as well as all others, did not arise from air.

there Are several interesting theories of its origin:

Lives in each house the brownie.

  1. Very long time ago considered that in each house there lives a brownie. People believed that he is an owner of the dwelling, and respected him. But not all brownies were considered as kind, some of them could take a dislike to new residents. From beliefs people knew that the one whom the keeper of the house will meet by the first will attract all his anger on himself therefore let in a cat.
  2. Psychics consider that the reason that the first needs to let in a cat housing, the special sensitivity of these animals to all paranormal is. She is capable to feel bad power therefore the owners who noticed that their favourite avoids some place in the house should not be late too there. And to that place where the kitty went to bed, it is possible to put the bed, in this place the best power.
  3. One of versions says that a cat — a symbol of financial wellbeing and prosperity. Therefore, if the first in housing it comes, then the prosperity enters before owners there. To banish a cat — a bad sign.

Main resident

In what of versions of origin of a sign to trust, everyone solves for himself. One is clear to those who trusts in this sign — the first comes a cat .

The First the Cat Comes

Naturally, the person can be in the new apartment before there the owner of fluffy pads comes. But it is worth waiting a little with furniture: the cat will prompt to the owner of square meters where and that has to stand. For example, on beliefs, the bed needs to be put where lay down to have a sleep an animal.

Does not matter what color an animal what breed at it, only the fact that it has to have a communication with the owner of housing is important. It is desirable that the cat belonged to it. And those who asked a cat for acquaintances for such important mission can recommend to take it a little on hands.

To let in a cat, needs to open doors and to put an animal on a threshold . To hurry him, and especially violently to drive into the room, it is not necessary.

The Cat Entered the First

If the kitty did not want to come there, means, felt something bad . And if the favourite nevertheless entered, it is not necessary to run at top speed behind her.

The Cat Studies the House

It is recommended not to distract the fluffy psychic from studying of the territory, it is better to observe attentively to find out what place is pleasant to it most of all.

You should not forget that it is necessary to pay for any work. The newly made owner of housing should treat the fluffy worker with something tasty .

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