• Dec 13, 2018

Birth of kittens — a pleasant event both for a cat, and for its owner. It is always interesting to watch growth of newborn pets, especially when they open eyes and begin to play and contact with each other and to the owner. Besides the schedule of development will help to watch of kids over health and to be sure that they grow and develop normally.

Development of Kittens in Weeks

Birth and the first days

Kittens are born absolutely defenseless. The newborn small animal weighs about 100 grams. From first minutes of life he begins to eat and to actively gain weight. For the first week the kid should double body weight and considerably grow up.

All kittens in a dung in the first day of life look equally — they are distinguished only by color of wool. Kids are born blind people. Eyelids are densely covered to protect eyes from bright light. The kitten will be able to see only two weeks later.

Auricles of the newborn are pressed to the head. Hearing will appear only in five days. Shrill peep kittens urge a cat to look after them. They cannot independently defecate yet — the situation will change, only when cubs will pass to independent food.

Birth of Kittens and the First Days of Life

The umbilical cord at kittens disappears approximately for the third day after birth. As a rule, the cat itself looks after umbilical cords of kittens, but the owner can help the alumna, daily processing them weak solution of potassium permanganate.

From feelings only the sense of smell is available to the kitten who appeared light. In the first days it cannot regulate the movements and heat exchange. At this particular time stay near a cat literally saves to cubs life. Maternal heat provides them comfort, and milk allows to transfer to a weak organism important antibodies — in the future these cages will become an immunity basis.

It is not recommended to take kittens on hands in the first days of life. Intervention of the person can frighten a cat. She can refuse cubs or will refuse to feed them.

the Second week

On the 2nd week development of kittens happens very actively. The average weight of small animals is 250 grams. Also sense organs are transformed — now the cub is capable to distinguish sounds and even identify miaow of mother.

When the second week will come to an end, eyes will begin to open. Eyelids are disconnected gradually, often unevenly on two eyes.

Also the behavior of kittens changes. They are already capable to find a cat at distance of 60 cm. Thanks to the developing sense of smell, kittens begin to distinguish fellows and learn to contact. At this age the character of a cat and her ability to socialization are put.

Now pets can already be taken on hands to weigh. It is necessary to do it carefully — stones of kittens did not get stronger yet.

the Third week

On the third week kittens learn to perceive the world around. By this time their eyes are dug already out, but sight still indistinct.


  • Skeletal system is actively formed.
  • At kittens teeth are cut through.
  • Pets do not eat independently yet, but their jaws prepare for meal.
  • Cubs for the first time try to get up on paws.

The Second Week of Development of Kittens

At this time the animal begins to notice not only mother and brothers, but also the world around. Now it is possible to take the baby on hands and to acquaint with members of household.

4−6 weeks

At this time development of kittens gradually slows down. Changes happen more and more seldom, but cubs also actively gain weight.

Transformations at this stage consist in the following:

  1. Completion of formation of a jaw. Milk teeth are cut — all them 26.
  2. The first independent meals. The cat tries liquid food and tries to eat firm food.
  3. The increase in weight makes about 100 g a month.

At the age of 4−6 months of kittens it is possible to show to the veterinarian and also future owners. Before change at home it is important to spend expulsion of helminths and vaccination of kids.

7−8 weeks

The majority of kittens go to the new house at the age of 7−8 weeks. By this time it is necessary to transfer the pet to artificial nutrition, having gradually separated from maternal milk.

Sharp transition to the new menu quite often provokes disorder of digestion therefore change of a diet is carried out most slowly.

Some owners note that in 7 weeks by the sizes of a cat it is already possible to distinguish from a cat. Boys gain bigger weight by this time and quicker develop.

In 8 weeks the cat already eats independently. Healthy cubs have good appetite and wish to regale on 6 times a day.

Psychologically the cat at the age of 8 months is already ready to replace the house. He identifies people around, communicates and actively interacts with people.

4−6 weeks of week of development of kittens

3−6 months

At this time the pet already reminds not a round lump, but the clumsy teenager. His body is extended, and movements surer, let and inexact. In 6 months the cat weighs not less than 1.4 kg — exact weight depends on breed. For example, the Scottish cat differs in larger constitution, and oriental — graceful and fragile.

The favourite often — five times a day eats. Its diet consists of "children's" forages so far. It is not recommended to enter food for adult cats earlier, than to an animal half a year will be executed.

By the end of the sixth month at a kitten change of teeth begins. Dairy cutters drop out.

Development from 7 months to one year

Development of a kitten takes place not it in this age promptly as at the beginning. Its growth gradually slows down.

He is already able to look after himself, and habits become steadier. The animal learns to sharpen claws therefore he needs a kogtetochka. It is also important to provide to the pet leisure, having offered special toys.

Since 8th month issue of sterilization becomes strong> relevant. Veterinarians do not recommend to delay with decision-making. If participation in reproduction is not necessary to an animal, it is desirable to castrate him that it did not suffer during sexual hunting.

By 10th month of life development of a body practically comes to the end. Ahead at a cat only a small increase in weight. Now it can be transferred to a usual forage, gradually mixing it with "children's" food.

at the age of 1 year the cat does not remind the kid any more. It is completely created and prepares for puberty. In 12 months the pet weighs from 2 to 2.5 kg.

Development of Kittens from 7 Months to One Year

Development of kittens since the birth on days — surprising process of transformation of helpless newborn cubs into adult cats. Knowledge of features of development of cats will help the owner to monitor their correct growth and formation.

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