• Jan 16, 2019

Practically each owner of a cat knows that his favourite experiences emotions: longs when long there is one, is angry if someone allows in relation to it any inadmissible actions. How do cats express the emotions? Happens, loudly shout, attack, shake the fluffy tail in different directions. Perhaps, cats are able and to cry. Doctors opened a secret of cat's got down and shared it with careful owners.

Whether Cats Are Able to Cry Doctors Opened a Secret of Cat's Tears

of Observation of owners

On the Internet it is possible to see many photos, where on a fluffy cat's muzzle the tear slides . But still people do not know precisely whether cats are able to cry. Careful owners learn language of a body of the pets, trying to understand that they feel.

The Cat Cries

Many owners of pets notice: if it is undeserved to shout at the favourite, he will take offense and will not want to approach the person. The cat suffers and longs if the owner left somewhere, for her he just was gone. During this period she becomes sluggish and eats a little. But when the owner comes back home, he is often waited by warm welcome, the favourite missed and looked forward to appearance of the great friend.

of the Research of scientists

Whether the Cat in General Cries

Not so long ago scientists decided to be engaged in studying of cat's tears seriously. They came to a conclusion that cats cannot cry with experiences, their tear — pure physiology.

As well as other animals, cats cry to protect an eye cornea from drying, to humidify it. Felinologists also noted that at representatives of some breeds tears can involuntarily flow. It belongs to ekzota, and to Persians and is explained Highland by the structure of their eyes which there is a little to navykata and water. Besides, researchers consider that of a cat have no feelings, they cannot:

  • to feel nostalgic;
  • to remember;
  • to long.

Researchers made a number of experiments and found out that cats are not always guided in the behavior only by instincts, often in their actions a certain logic is traced.

Whether the Cat Is Able to Cry

It is known that cats are the advanced animals possessing complex nervous system. For example, at some diseases of central nervous system they lose ability to move that cannot but affect a condition of their brain. If there is nervous system, so there has to be a possibility of violation of its functions. In other words, representatives of the cat family can quite be depressed, suffer and take offense. But at the same time they do not cry. At such moments they hide, refuse food and communication with the person , show aggression or become sluggish.

Against the background of experiences pets can get sick, in that case the best medicine is the attention of the owner, his caress. Scientists consider that they 15 — 20 minutes of a game with an animal will allow it to feel happy.

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