• Dec 1, 2018

the Cat, as we know, walks in itself. Though she is also considered an animal tender, too not to occupy willfulness by her – the cat is able to show character. Therefore the favourite or the favourite need to be brought up correctly.

Education of Moustached-striped

First of all the cat needs to be accustomed to a nickname. But it is necessary to say it during feeding or caress. And here punishing, it is impossible to call the pet by name, otherwise in his brain it will be issued in the form of association with punishment.

Punishment has to be carried out immediately after a fault. The sense of the punishment made backdating or at least hour in view of the fact that memory at cats is short, will not be understood.

If the favourite sharpens claws about a new leather chair or celebrates need in not put place, punishment has to follow immediately! You should not splash – cats are quite capable to continue in the same spirit – in protest. It is recommended to start up in the mischief-maker a stream from a pulvelizator, to throw a weighty bunch of keys or at least the curtailed newspaper on a floor. Methods are simple, but are effective.

Education of Moustached-striped

It is necessary to accustom an animal to hands since childhood and if a cat adult, then from the first days of stay at the owner. Here everything is simple – I go to give from hands, and on knees to put as often as possible.

If the tendency of an animal to begging is observed, he needs just to be fed in 10-15 minutes prior to a family meal.

A if a cat is capricious and refuses to eat the given forage? Then it is necessary to try - to take another day it on short rations. If food is not touched, it is necessary to change a forage.

It must be kept in mind that the kitten who is taken away from mother to 2-month age can sometimes and bite the owner. The matter is that the cat did not manage to teach him to count force. Bit? Means, it is necessary to hit easily a kitten on a nose and to leave alone. Over time he realizes that cannot be done it.

Education of Moustached-striped

Categorically does not follow:

  • to indulge its whims;
  • to caress and praise after punishment;
  • to shout and talk to animals with voices raised for no apparent reason;
  • to disturb the dozing cat – he can bite from surprise.

It is strongly recommended: to love and protect. And the cat will surely reciprocate!

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