• Dec 3, 2018

Many breeders of cats face requirement of a conclusion of the pet to the street and want to accustom the favourite to street walks. But practically all owners are afraid to let out uncontrolledly an animal from the first days and to neglect accustoming process that in the principle to do and it is impossible. Accustoming has to take place gradually, with participation of owners and use of necessary "tools".

How to Force to Walk a Cat on a Lead?

Gradual accustoming to a lead

To accustom a cat to the street, the owner has to begin to bring gradually the pet on a lead and a breast-band. Accustoming process long will also take several days. At first it is necessary to put a breast-band on the pet and to allow it to get used to it, start up animal some time will be in it. Repeat this action several times, during the day. Then, next day, attach a lead to a breast-band and provide to the pet freedom of movement. Driving of the pet on the house will be the following stage. The owner can take a lead in hand and go with it there where the favourite will want it.

do not allow it to sit or be unused. During successful accustoming do not forget to award the fluffy favourite with delicacy.

How to Force to Walk a Cat on a Lead?

Acquaintance to the street

The exit to the street can be made after several successful calling with a house lead (on condition that the owner conducts the pet, and not vice versa). As the fact of stay on the busy street can turn back a stress for an animal, do not insist on the timely movement in the appointed party. Let's it get used, do not pull against its will.

as a push, beckon it a favourite entertainment. Do stops during walk, let's an animal accustom. In the first days, walk should not drag on.

of Danger on walk

Many things can frighten and guard the pet. It is not necessary to do excess sharp movements and its message to places of which he is afraid. If suddenly nearby there was any danger — a dog, other cat or the car, take an animal on hands and as it is possible further take away from that place. But it is gradually necessary to disaccustom an animal to sitting on hands.

How to Force to Walk a Cat on a Lead?

To cause to an animal at least of inconveniences, it is necessary to choose breast-bands, in the form of the eight, it will exclude risk of suffocation and accidentally release from it. In the first days of accustoming to walking, it is not necessary to take an animal if you are going to go with a certain purpose somewhere. For walk it is necessary to allow special time.

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