• Apr 14, 2018

Jack Tripper: an unusual cat, the deprived eye (Part 2) Continuation of history of the brave blind kid who appeared in the house of the author.

Besides we endured the lovely period when Jack considered that I need to get up somewhere at 5-6 in the morning therefore to the ezheutreena awoke me, licking my nose. I at all not a lark also appreciate a morning dream therefore that I only did not try to disaccustom him to this habit. I dumped it from a bed, but he clambered back and continued to lick my nose. I turned away, but he stamped on the other hand and again haunted me. I even tried to fill up on a stomach, but it was selected and so, twisted a neck and continued to lick my nose! The truth now it so does not do. He can still lick me in a nose, but now he waits so far I will wake up.

Jack Tripper: the unusual cat, the deprived eye (Part 2) In several weeks after we took Jack, in the house appeared one more cat from the same barn, we called it Mishka. The bear was very friendly and very much likes to sit near us on a porch in the evenings. I always take with myself and Jack in the yard that he warmed up and took a breath. He very much likes to rush (at a decent speed!) on the backyard and a garden. Mishka and Jack became the best friends. And it is not important that Jack does not see, he just knows that Mishka somewhere is near. He runs at full speed through the yard directly to the friend, from scope embraces him forepaws for a neck and strong nestles on it. They hunt at each other and fight and when are tired, lie nearby together on a grass.

Jack Tripper: an unusual cat, the deprived eye (Part 2) Yes, it has no eyes at all. Therefore his eyelids very long, they have nothing to close. Its eye hollows sour from time to time, it touches with times them and cannot clean properly. As it still grows, also eyelids grow, can therefore there the irritation in increasing frequency appears. Maybe then the veterinarian will advise to sew up eyelids and to close thus hollows that there dirt did not get. For the rest, Jack is absolutely healthy.

Jack Tripper: the unusual cat, the deprived eye (Part 2) And it very much inspires by the example. In my life there were many cats, but Jack the most positive and playful of all of them. He does not feel defective and does not allow to feel sorry for himself. He is simply sure that all cats same as it. People who are familiar with Jack agree too that he does not cause pity. They appreciate him that it such treasure. I have several acquaintances who very much felt sorry for my kitten before met him in real life, but they just do not understand as far as it is the fighter. It does not need pity. I think best of all of it told Jean (the hostess of a red Gumbo which is deprived of eyes too), it considers that cats have no limited abilities, they have boundless opportunities to adaptability.

Amy Bojo

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