• Dec 8, 2018

In the nature are practically not present cats with flat (brakhitsefalny) muzzles — they were brought artificially as a result of the genetic deviation which in due time strongly interested manufacturers. Many people are attracted by unusual appearance of such cats, however their contents is accompanied by certain difficulties. And before getting an animal, it is necessary to get acquainted with merits and demerits of breeds of cats with a flat muzzle.

Advantages of Breeds of Cats with a Flat Muzzle

Widespread breeds

Cats with brakhitsefalny type of a muzzle almost always have a small trunk, impressive cheeks, large massive paws and a strong neck.

The nose is located between eyes why an impression of its total absence is made.

At the moment such breeds a little:

Cats with Brakhitsefalny Type of a Muzzle

  • Persian cat . These animals are most popular among Russians. At the expense of long and fluffy wool seem very volume though actually trunks at Persians small. The coloring happens the most various, color of eyes varies from bright green to golden. Animals differ in quiet, but quite whimsical character, at their flat muzzles there is always an expression of unperturbable pride. Veterinarians recommend to hold the Persian cats far away from the street as the slightest stress can negatively affect their health extremely. Representatives of breed need careful leaving — in particular, regular comb-out without which their magnificent wool will quickly be felted in koltuna.
  • Exotic short-haired . Animals resemble Persians superficially, but have more tiny trunk. Besides their wool is much shorter that significantly simplifies leaving. A muzzle at cats flat, eyes always sad. Shades of wool can be different, up to blue. Ekzota have tender and friendly character, easily make contact and find a common language with children.
  • Scottish Fold . The Scottish lop-eared differ in an unusual shape of ears, a strong trunk and a reinforced tail. Wool can be short or have average length. Cats of this breed usually kind, contact and playful.
  • British short-haired . Animals have chubby cheeks and look is quite well-fed though cannot brag of a massive constitution. Wool short, plush, a color usually blue, in rare instances — chocolate. The British are aristocratical and noble, differ in peaceful temper and high intelligence.
  • Himalaya . A coloring very much remind the British cats, but have much longer and fluffy wool. The trunk size average, expressive blue eyes seem a little sad. Animals are very friendly and patient, indulgently treat any manipulations from people.

of Advantage of cats-brakhitsefalov

Original appearance — the most obvious plus of brakhitsefalny breeds. The shape of the head of cats with flat muzzles is called doll and causes affection in most of people though meets not so often as it fans would like. But besides amusing appearance, animals have several more powerful advantages:

Advantages of Cats-brakhitsefalov

  • Strong jaws . The muzzle of an animal, the more strong at it a grasp is shorter - it is a fact of common knowledge. And even if the cat will have no need to hold production, the strong jaw will serve it good service, having minimized the probability of dislocations and injuries.
  • Tender character . As a rule, thoroughbred cats with flat muzzles differ in complaisance and easily find a common language with all family members (though are inclined to recognize as the owner only of one person). Of course, also exceptions meet, but they are more often happen a consequence of uncontrolled animal husbandry — in this case the manufacturer looks for an easy money, without caring for purity of breed and maintaining qualities inherent in it at all.
  • Ingenuity . Koshki-brakhitsefaly differ in high intelligence — their schooling to a tray or a kogtetochka will hardly become a problem.

Shortcomings of animals

According to scientists, the specific structure of a muzzle is inherited by brakhitsefala from the wild manul having very similar form of the head.

However unlike the last, artificially brought ploskomordy cats are helpless before the world around and need special care.

Among shortcomings of brakhitsefalny breeds it is possible to note:

Shortcomings of Breeds of Cats with a Flat Muzzle

  • The shortened plaintive channels which become the reason of emergence of purulent allocations from eyes of animals. The cat with a flat muzzle needs extremely careful care of eyes — daily wiping by warm boiled water, tea or special medicines which can be got in pet-shops.
  • The problems with airways caused by an unusual shape of a skull. The problem of congestion of a nose as a result of which the cat snores in a dream is very widespread among brakhitsefal, it is noisy breathes and absorbs food with a specific unpleasant sound. To get rid completely of such manifestations it will not turn out even at good leaving, but behind them it is necessary to watch closely and be able to distinguish the normal state from a catarrhal disease.
  • Inability to accurately eat food. Not all cats can normally eat with flat muzzles. And though by the nature these animals are very clean, wool in a mouth and a neck will probably demand additional leaving. Some brakhitsefala experience such difficulties in meal that owners should feed them from a spoon.

Cats with flat muzzles steadily head the ratings of the most popular pets.

And there is no wonder if to take unusual appearance, grace and sweet temper into account. However their contents has the nuances which it is worth studying before to bring the pet.

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