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a thoroughbred kitten, the manufacturer receives the passport of an animal where his nickname fits in. As a rule, it has to comprise a combination of letters of names of parents. Therefore before the owner there is an important question of how to call the cat. Names for the British and lop-eared kittens (as well as for any other) are selected proceeding from features of character and the pet's habits.

Names for Lop-eared and British Kittens

Names for boys

Lop-eared cats, as well as the British, are very beautiful and noble, with the developed intelligence. Externally all of them are very similar that cannot be told about character which at each of them is individual. The most popular nicknames which are picked up for temperament of a cat:

Names for Lop-eared Kittens

  • Stately, noble: Admiral, Archie, Antonio, Barques, Bob, Walter, Grandee, Duke, Heinrich, Grigory, Gerard, Irlan, Oscar, Lyon, Lord, Martin, Maksimus, Mark, North, Oskold, Oliver, Orladno, Pablo, Rostislav, Rodriguez, Richard, Thomas, Timur, Elvis.
  • Naughty : Azat, Asik, Bandit, Boomer, Basilio, Bonya, Load-packs, Volya, Gl, Zhigan, Donnie, Masik, Druggie, Spark, Pasha, Rostik, Thailand, Teddie, Umk, Fen, Chucha.
  • Quiet and appeasable: Arik, Balu, Breeze, Vayt, Paw, Monique, Nose, Orpheus, Otto, Perseus, Tums, Pierre.
  • Cool : Alpachino, IPhone, Avatar, Arbuzik, Bax, Belyash, Bagel, Bolt, Vovan, Vasya, Gluck, Gerych, Gnome, Ruff, Raccoon, Dimka, Zheka, Marsik, Animated cartoon, Whiner, Orbit, Ozzie, Doughnut, Sweetie, Gingerbread.
  • Curious : Amigo, Akella, Bazadi, Bingo, Monogram, Victor, Monogram, Hephaestus, Egor, Hedgehog, Jasper, Lakki, Milk, Michael, Nafanka, Neumann, Oxford, Audrey, Tarzan, Tick-tock.

When choosing a name the British should consider also their aristocratical appearance, adult cats very large and stately.

For example, in Europe it is accepted to call them according to Mendeleyev's table: Plyumbum, Silicon, Calcium, Caesium, Frantsy, etc.

of the Nickname for girls

The British and lop-eared cats are very graceful, graceful and majestic. Such beauty needs a special nickname. Can choose a name alphabetically:

Names for the British Kittens

Names for kittens

  • And: Alsou, Alisk, Amin, Alf, Arie, Amalia, Asya, Antalya, Ariel, Alexa.
  • B: Bella, Beysi, Bonya, Busya, Bonita, Bagira.
  • In: Verdzhiniya, Violetta, Vessie, Vika, Veil.
  • : Galya, Grizi, Thunderstorm, Gulka.
  • Д: Dana, Dashka, Haze, Juli, Sound board, Dhoni.
  • Е: Eshka, Annie, Fir-tree.
  • : Jasmin, Zhanna, Zhadi, Zhosya.
  • З: Zyuta, Zizi, Zulka, Zinka.
  • And: Ibiza, Toffee, Izi, Isya.
  • To: Kylie, Pussycat, Katya, Connie, Ksyusha.
  • L: Lara, Lady, Lisa, Leyla, Laima, Lily, Lyuska.
  • M: Mara, Muska, Mollie, Pass, Masyanya, Mucha, the World, Merry.
  • N:. Norri, Noska, Nancey, Naomi, Ninel, Nelsa.
  • About: Asya, Olka, Omega, Olive, Orrie, Ozya.
  • П: Пуся, Puma, Gun, Peppa, Parry, Paddi.
  • Р: Roxie, Ruslana, Romka, Rimma, Lynx, Ryaba.
  • With: Xian, Syuzanna, Snezha, Sonka, Silvia.
  • T: Tonja, Tisha, Toska, Telma, Torrey, Taisiya.
  • At: Ulya, Umka, Uddi, Uhlan.
  • Ф: Filition, Floransa, Fusya, Florey.
  • X: Hand, Hlorri, Homka, Chloé.
  • C: Tsolk, Tsipa, Cuo.
  • H: Chara, Chi-chi, Chucha.
  • Highway: Shulya, Thorn, Cone, Shonni.
  • Щ: Pike, Bristle.
  • Э: Ellie, Elfik, Elisabeth, Enna, Andrew.
  • Ю: Yulya, Yuzzi, Yusya, Yulianna, Yunonna, Eula.
  • I: Yaska, Apple, Yanuska, Jara.

Some manufacturers, without thinking twice, choose a human name for the cat: Ira, Marina, Margarita, Anyuta. It is sometimes very cheerful.

Especially ridiculously the name of a cat can sound: Dmitry, Ivan, Valera, Anton, Seryozha.

To call the British or lop-eared kitten not easy. The name has to correspond to an animal, otherwise the discrepancy of appearance and a nickname will look ridiculously. At the same time the nickname has to be simple. Even if it long, it is necessary to reduce it that it was easier for owner to call the pet.

Creative people can independently think up a unique name to the favourite cat or a cat.

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