• Jan 17, 2019

to Owners of pets does not happen boringly. Never. There is no best way to have a good time, than to communicate to the fluffy pet. What can be expected from them?

  • The cat nearly brought me to a heart attack, having got confused in a plaid and having quietly crept to me in the dark.
  • The high case became the real problem for me and my cat who very much is afraid of height, but very much likes to climb.
  • The cactus gave many unpleasant surprises for the cat adoring gnawing plants. Not only prickly, but also tasteless
  • We were afraid that with the birth of the kid the cat will be jealous. Partly and was, she was only jealous not us, and the child, having decided to become for him the best nurse.
  • My cat, though sterilized very much wanted to become a mother. The problem was solved unexpectedly when the little son dragged home a hamster.
  • A cat Sonya is an excellent stylist, and considers that black color to me does not go. Once I lay out things, she long rides them, leaving the white wool.

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